News report | | 01/10/2021 | ±3 minutes reading time

The wrong gear can make or break your experience on holiday. For campers planning on travelling to Cambodia for a camping trip, the wrong gear can mean the difference between building great memories or waking up in a tent covered in sweat (or worse ... rain)! Making sure you are prepared is an important part of ensuring your holiday is a great one. Below are some ideas for preparing for this trip not only with camping materials, but with your travel necessities, such as a Cambodia visa

Understand the weather

When deciding what to bring, it is important to factor in the climate that you will be experiencing. Cambodia basically has two seasons, the wet and dry seasons. The wet season lasts from May to late September. And the dry season is from October to April.

October through December are usually the coolest months of the year, with temperatures reaching a balmy 24 °C — 26 °C. The hottest months are usually May and June, with temperatures sometimes in excess of 35 °C at times.

It is possible to travel to Cambodia throughout the year, but it is helpful to know in what you really want to do. The hot months of May and June are actually peak tourist season in Cambodia, with most people enjoying early morning trips to local temples, and cooling off by the hotel pool in the afternoon.

During the dry season, many remote parts of the country are more accessible because the roads are at their best and journey times are shorter and tend to be safer. Therefore, if extreme exploration is on your list, then this is a huge thing to take into consideration.

There are some advantages to travelling during the wet season in Cambodia. The rains wash away the dust, and the lush greenery of the countryside is a sight to see and with fewer tourists, you do have the land more to yourself.

The right stuff

As mentioned above, ensuring that you have what you need (and not much more), is key to a good travel experience. If your plan is to camp through forests and more remote areas, doing some planning is an excellent idea.

Since Cambodia is a tropical country, hot weather is generally to be expected. Depending on your plans, this means packing nice summer clothes. However, keep in mind that when actually camping, despite the hot temperatures, it is important to wear long sleeves and loose-fitting long pants in breathable fabrics to fight against mosquitoes and other bug bites or sun exposure.

When choosing the right type of tent, it is necessary to ensure that your tent is waterproof, especially if travelling during the rainy season. Because of the warm weather, even at night, having a tent with ventilation windows and vents can make for a much more comfortable night’s sleep. If you are travelling with a sleeping bag, make sure your sleeping bag is breathable and not made for cold weather.

While packing light is the most critical factor when camping, it is also important to think about what would make your trip more special. Sure, you may not need certain things, but if you genuinely enjoy good coffee, for example, then packing a small, lightweight travel espresso machine can make an already great holiday even more memorable.

Applying for a Cambodia visa

Besides the things you will need for your camping trip, you will also need a visa. If you are going to be in Cambodia for less than 30 days, then you can apply for the electronic visa. The online application saves you from having to visit an embassy and only takes a few minutes. It is always wise to double-check the visa requirements before applying to make sure it is possible for you to apply for the Cambodia visa online.

The visa for Cambodia costs £59.95 per person and can be paid by using one of the trusted payment methods. If you need it urgently, then you can apply for an urgent Cambodia visa, which will have a surcharge of £17.50 per person. The urgent visa will usually be issued within an average of 24 hours. However, this cannot be completely guaranteed because there is always a chance that your application receives a more extensive check.