An eTA Canada is a digital travel authorisation which serves as the replacement to the visa for Canada. An eTA is cheaper and easier to apply for than a visa. The eTA Canada is suited for holidays, business trips, visits to family and friends, and for studying in Canada. You are, however, expected to meet certain requirements. The most important requirement is that your stay in Canada will be less than six months.

What does “eTA” mean?

What does the eTA mean for youeTA meaning

The meaning of the abbreviation eTA is “electronic Travel Authorization”, meaning it is a digital travel permit to travel into Canada. To receive this travel authorisation, you only need to fill out the application form on this website and make the associated payment with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal. You do not need to visit the Canadian embassy, and no stamp or physical document is needed.

After the application has been approved, the travel authorisation is automatically linked to your passport. This is then valid for five years and can be used for multiple trips to Canada, each being allowed to last a maximum of six months. The travel authorisation is also automatically forwarded to your airline and to the immigration department upon arrival in Canada. Therefore, after the eTA is granted, you only need to show your passport to prove that you are allowed to travel into Canada.

Do I need an eTA Canada?

Are you flying to Canada and you are not an inhabitant of Canada or The United States? Then you always need an eTA or a visa. Don’t possess either? Then you cannot check in for flights to Canada. To avoid trouble it is advised to submit the application one to several weeks before departure.

When is an eTA not required?

Did you apply for and receive a work permit or study permit? Then you also automatically received a travel authorisation. You only need to manually file for an eTA in case you wish to travel into Canada again after your previous authorisation has expired. This can occur if the passport with which the work or study permit has been applied for expires, or if the eTA has expired (five years after it is issued).

You do not require an eTA either in the following cases:
  • You are arriving in Canada by boat or by land
  • You possess a valid Canada visa
  • You possess a valid Canadian passport
  • You possess a valid Permanent Resident Card
  • You possess a valid permanent Resident Travel Document

How does the application procedure work?

Applying for your eTA can be done by filling out the eTA application form. You can also apply for the eTA travel authorisations for your fellow travellers right away with this as well. Filling out the form only takes about five minutes.
Apply for eTA Canada

Right after applying for your eTA Canada you will receive an order confirmation by mail. Your application is then manually checked by us for any potential mistakes and then processed right after by the Canadian immigration service. The Canadian immigration service works with an automated system which approved completely and correctly filled in urgent application on average within 18 minutes. Right after approval you will receive a document by e-mail which functions as proof of your eTA.

Applications are randomly checked manually by the immigration service; this usually causes a slight delay of a few hours, up to a theoretical maximum of 72 hours. In 97% of the cases, however, the application is approved virtually immediately. If the application has been filled out incorrectly or incompletely, a delay can also occur and it is possible that your application is denied. Should your application lead to a rejection, this means that you need to submit a new eTA application in order to still travel to Canada.