News report | | 01/12/2021 | ±3 minutes reading time

When you think of a trip to Egypt, you may imagine expensive, luxurious resorts. But Egypt is also a fantastic destination if you want to travel on a lower budget. Yet this often results in a more adventurous trip. Donʼt forget to apply for an Egypt visa before you leave.

Looking for an alternative place to sleep

You donʼt always have to stay in a resort. Egypt offers several alternative places to sleep, which can save you a lot of money. Especially in the big cities, you can find plenty of simple hotels and hostels where you can stay for a very reasonable price. These accommodations are especially affordable during the low season. During this period, there are fewer tourists in Egypt. Because of this, the prices go down. If you haggle a little, you can even get a stay between € 4 and 10 per night. The price depends on the type of room.

Camping in Egypt is not like what we are used to in Europe. Especially along the Red Sea, you can find some camping sites, but these often have poor facilities. The best option for camping in Egypt is to ask hotels with large gardens if you can pitch your tent in their grounds for a small fee. Wild camping in Egypt is not a good idea and is often very dangerous. In many places there may be unexploded mines and several areas are used by the army as military training grounds. It is therefore advisable not to pitch your tent just anywhere. Always check with the local authority beforehand whether you can camp in a certain place. If you are in for an adventure, you can also couch surf with the locals.

Use public transport

An easy way to save money when travelling in Egypt is to use public transport. This is also a great way to get to know the culture and the locals. If you want to move around in Egypt, you can use different means of transport.

Many minibuses drive through the big cities and they are very suitable for shorter distances. You can stop and board these buses anywhere. A ride will not cost more than 50 cents. For domestic journeys with a longer distance between cities, you can take the bus for a small price. But the train can also be a cheap option if you can get a ticket. Train travel is mainly for the locals, which makes it difficult for tourists to get a seat on a day train. However, tourists can take the night train between Cairo and Luxor. These trains have different classes with different price categories. The cheapest class costs 50 cents. However, you will end up in the worst and most unhygienic part of the train. Bear in mind that this journey takes about 10 hours.

Donʼt forget to apply for your visa

If you are going to Egypt for holiday, applying for an Egypt visa is mandatory. This obligation also applies to minors. You can apply for this visa easily and completely online. It is advisable to check in advance whether you meet the requirements for the Egypt visa. If you do not meet these requirements, it is not possible to apply for a visa Egypt online. In that case you must apply for your visa at the Egyptian Consulate.

Once your visa application has been approved by the Egyptian Immigration Service, you will receive your visa by email. You should print it out and keep it with your passport. In this way, you will always have your visa at hand. An issued Egypt visa is valid for 90 days, and you may stay in Egypt for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.