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Organise a family trip to the land of the kangaroos and have an unforgettable adventure with your family. Australia is huge, so it is advised planning your trip well in advance. Moreover, adults, as well as children and babies, need an eVisitor visa Australia to travel to the country.

Australia, the ideal country for a family holiday

Australia is a paradise for adults and children looking for an active holiday. From seeing koalas and kangaroos or surfing, to visiting incredible theme parks like Warner Bros Movie World, the countryʼs wildlife, diversity of activities and variety of landscapes make Australia an ideal country for family travel.

The best time to travel to Australia with children

Australia can be visited all year round as there is always a part of the country with pleasant weather. However, the best time to travel depends on your travel plans and the regions you want to visit. In the south of the country, the seasons are opposite to those in our hemisphere (from December to February it is summer and from June to August it is winter). The north has two distinct seasons, the dry season (May to October) and the monsoon (November to April), while the interior has a desert climate. So if you want to cross a large part of the country, it is advised bringing enough clothing for all types of weather.

Nature, wildlife and a variety of activities

Australia has much to offer for all tastes. One of the most famous attractions is Uluru Kata Tjuta, located in the dry interior known as the outback. Due to the desert climate, it is recommended bringing enough water and sunscreen, and to avoid the hottest hours (between 12.00 and 16.00). The north of Australia, famous for its unspoilt nature, has the largest national park in the country, the Kakadu, with 20,000 km². For lovers of the sea, diving along the Great Barrier Reef is a must. If children prefer to see koalas and kangaroos in the wild, Philipp Island, near Melbourne, is definitely worth a visit.

A route through Australia for the whole family

The places not to be missed when travelling around Australia depend on the time and budget available for the holiday and your own preferences. Those looking to cut costs would do well to stay in campsites or hire a campervan. Given the wide variety of campsites and rental options the country has to offer, these are many safe options that are popular even with Australians themselves. You cannot spend the night just anywhere in Australia. Look for campsites which are designated for this purpose, and which sometimes even offer free accommodation. Those who prefer to stay in a hotel and travel by plane to save time will have to pay significantly higher prices, but will get comfort in return. Australia has a wide range of child-friendly hotels and accommodation, so there is something for everyone.

To begin with, a visit to the capital city Sydney should be included in any travel itinerary through Australia. The city has many parks and beaches suitable for children. One of these places is the famous Bondi Beach or the amusement park “Luna Park”. A cultural visit that is also worthwhile is the Australian Museum, with interactive exhibitions and dinosaur skeletons that will fascinate the little ones.

Road trip lovers can start their tour of Australia from the capital. One of the most famous roads is the Great Ocean Road, which connects Sydney to Melbourne and runs along some 200 km of coastline. It is one of the most scenic drives in Australia, with stops at pristine beaches, waterfalls and national parks such as Otway. On the Kennet River, children can meet cute wild koalas.

You can also go along the east coast to Brisbane. Brisbane has a huge playground that children will love: the Riverside Green Playground. Just outside Brisbane is Australia Zoo, which is famous for being the home of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. There are also several theme parks nearby, such as Dreamworld and Sea World.

A visit to the island of Tasmania is also a good option. An eVisitor visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 3 months; more than enough time to combine a tour of mainland Australia with a visit to the island of Tasmania. This undiscovered pearl lies about 240 kilometres south of Australia and can be reached from Melbourne by plane in an hour and a half. Tasmania is known for its unspoilt nature, mountainous landscapes and as the home of the Tasmanian devil. This area can be explored with the Wilderness Railway, an unforgettable family activity.

Applying for an eVisitor visa for Australia

British and Irish nationals going on holiday to Australia as a family need visas. Children and babies also need their own visa and passport. You can easily apply for your eVisitor visa online.The average delivery time is 5 days. If you need the visa at short notice, you can submit an urgent application, which is granted within 60 minutes in 95% of the cases.

If you are travelling with children but without both parents or guardians, you will need to provide a consent form in English in addition to the eVisitor visa. This document must be signed by the persons who have legal custody of the minor(s) and who are not travelling along. It must also contain their addresses and telephone numbers. In addition to this declaration, a copy of the identity papers of these persons is also required.