e-Visa.co.uk actively works with a large number of travel organizations and travel websites. That is why we are always looking for new parties who want to refer their customers and the visitors of their websites to us. This way, more travellers can take advantage of our easy and straightforward online application procedures.

Working together can function in various ways. Does your organisation or website come into contact with a lot of travellers? Then it is always interesting to discuss the possibilities. Give us a call, or send us an email for more information. We will make a fitting, but entirely open-ended offer.

Implementing a collaboration can be done very easily. From a technical perspective, all this entails is placing a few links to our website on your platform. Of course, we show our gratitude to our partners in the form of financial compensation.

Strength in numbers

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The Acknowledged Work Method of e-Visa.co.uk

We are an online visa agency with a clear mission: to offer the best possible customer experience through streamlined service. And this has borne fruit: our customers rate us with an average of 9,6 and no less than 97% of our customers recommend our services. That is because we take that extra step to really help our customers. We do this through our smart application forms and a proactive Visa Support Centre.

Smart Application Forms

We believe that it should be easy for everyone to apply for a visa. That is why we use clear language and smart forms. First, we clearly explain every question in every application form on our website, so that everyone understands right away how to fill in the form. In addition, feedback and correction functions are built into all application forms. Hundreds of automatic checks detect almost all common errors. For example, did a customer mix up the letter O and the number 0 when filling in the passport number? This is immediately noticed. This applies to passports of all nationalities. Partly because of this, applications are hardly ever rejected, and visas that have been granted are valid in combination with the passport they were applied for. This smooth process also ensures extremely high conversion ratios.

Proactive Visa Support Centre

Our Visa Support Centre is ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help any customers who unexpectedly find themselves with a question or a problem. In this we distinguish ourselves from the embassies and consulates, who often do not offer any assistance by phone, not even during office hours. Aside from reactively supporting our customers, our Visa Support Centre also has a proactive function. This includes, for example, manually performing additional checks on application forms before filing them.

An example: For all applications with which passport scans are uploaded, we always manually check if the filled in information 100% matches the information on the passport. Do we suspect errors? Then we contact the customer directly. This way the application can be quickly corrected and filed with the immigration service in a timely fashion.

In part due to our proactive stance, our customers feel safe entrusting their application with us. Has the visa been granted? Then we will immediately send a text message.

The benefits for your customers and website visitors

  • Access to a simple and fast visa application service
  • Free use of our Visa Support Centre (accessible 24/7) for any questions and problems
  • Wide choice of safe payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and others.
  • Both automated as well as manual checking of applications
  • Proactive personal approach with wrongly filled in forms
  • High customer satisfaction (9,6) due to good support and fast approvals.
  • A guarantee from the TrustedShops Seal of Approval, for reliable service that complies with all laws and regulations