Everybody likes clear and concise language, that is why we wrote down these general terms and conditions as clearly as possible. By making use of this website you expressly and unambiguously agree with these general terms and conditions.

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Article 1. Definitions

1.1. In these General Terms and Conditions e-Visa.co.uk, are understood under:
1.1.1. e-Visa.co.uk is part of Digital Visa Systems B.V., situated at Geldrop, Amroth 14A, 5663RD, The Netherlands, with Chamber of Commerce number 72110449 and VAT number NL858988914B01.
1.1.2. Website: the website e-Visa.co.uk, which is exploited by e-Visa.co.uk.
1.1.3. Application Form: the form on the website with which Customer can give an Order for an Application Service.
1.1.4. Customer: any natural or legal person making use of the Website and/or through the website has filled in and sent an Application Form.
1.1.5. Travel Authorization: a (digital) document which provides one or several persons authorization to enter a country, such as an (e-)visa, eTA, or ESTA.
1.1.6. Government Office: the official authority which is entitled to issue Travel Authorizations for the country for which Customer has filled in and sent the Application Form.
1.1.7. Application Service: the service which e-Visa.co.uk provides to Customer, consisting of filing the information and documents which Customer has delivered to the Government Office through the Application Form, in the name of Customer.
1.1.8. Order: the order from Customer to e-Visa.co.uk for the delivery of a Application Service.

Article 2. Applicability

2.1. These General Terms and Conditions e-Visa.co.uk are a part of all Orders between e-Visa.co.uk and Customer, and are applicable to all (other) acts and legal acts between e-Visa.co.uk and Customer, including when these (legal) acts do not lead to or are not related to an Order.
2.2. Divergent clauses and eventual general or purchase terms and conditions of Customer only apply if these have been expressly accepted in writing by e-Visa.co.uk.
2.3. In case certain, in these General Terms and Conditions e-Visa.co.uk arranged subjects, divergent clauses have corresponded, these General Terms and Conditions e-Visa.co.uk remain in effect for the remainder in the Application.
2.4. In case one or more provisions in these General Terms and Conditions e-Visa.co.uk are voided or destroyed, the remaining provisions continue to apply.
2.5. On these General Terms and Conditions e-Visa.co.uk and all Applications, Dutch law applies.
2.6. Eventual disputes are treated in the court of the district Oost-Brabant.

Article 3. General

3.1. Typing- and spelling errors are reserved..
3.2. Written correspondence can take place by letter or by e-mail.
3.3. e-Visa.co.uk is in no way part of any Government Office.

Article 4. Application Service general

4.1. By clicking on the button ‘Confirm Application’ at the bottom of the Application Form:
4.1.1. customer gives e-Visa.co.uk an Order and customer engages in a purchase obligation and payment obligation.
4.1.2. Customer confirms to have read all clarifications in the Application Form, to have understood them, and to have filled in all requested information and/or documents corresponding to that completely and truthfully.
4.1.3. Customer gives e-Visa.co.uk permission in the capacity as service provider for Customer to apply for a Travel Authorization at the concerning Government Office, making use of the information and/or documents which Customer has filed through the Application Form.
4.1.4. Customer and all other travelers for which through this Order a Travel Authorization is being applied for, grant e-Visa.co.uk permission to process the filled in answers in the Application Form and to keep them insofar as that is necessary to perform the Application Service.
4.1.5. Customer and all travelers for which through this Order a Travel Authorization is being applied for, grant e-Visa.co.uk permission to share all the (personal) data known to e-Visa.co.uk of these persons with the other travelers for which in this Order a Travel Authorization is being applied for. 
4.2. After clicking on the button ‘Confirm Application’, Customer can no longer make changes in the provided information and documents belonging to the Application Service, unless e-Visa.co.uk explicitly asks for this..
4.3. If Customer has provided incorrect or incomplete information to e-Visa.co.uk, through the Application form or through other written or oral communication, e-Visa.co.uk is not responsible for the consequences of this, which can consist of a refusal of the Travel Authorization by the Government Office, or the acquiring of a by the Government Office approved Travel Authorization by Customer which upon arrival in the country is not valid after all.
4.4. An Order can only be considered accepted when all the necessary information and documents of Customer for the performing of services by e-Visa.co.uk have been provided by Customer according to the methods and procedures mentioned on the Website, the payment pertaining to the Order has been received by e-Visa.co.uk and Customer has received a confirmation by e-mail from e-Visa.co.uk that the Order and accompanying payment has been received in good order and that the Order is being processed.
4.5. If during the performing of the Application Service, additional information or documents of Customer are required, Customer is responsible for providing these as quickly as possible. In case additional information or documents are not provided by Customer on time, e-Visa.co.uk cannot be held responsible for any eventual delays or ensuing extra costs and e-Visa.co.uk has the right to cancel the Order without the customer having any right to restitution.
4.6. If Government Office after receiving the information and documents pertaining to the Application Service requests further cooperation from Customer, such as providing more information or documents or appearing at a counter to confirm identity, Customer is responsible for this. e-Visa.co.uk will in this case never act as intermediary; communication occurs directly between Customer and Government Office.
4.7. Customer is responsible for complying with the by Government Office required cooperation. Consequences of not providing the required cooperation on time, such as not (or not in time) receiving a Travel Authorization, belong entirely to Customer.
4.8. e-Visa.co.uk cannot exercise influence on the consular processing time (the time between the completion of the Application Service and the actual examination of the application for a Travel Authorization by the concerning Government Office) and thus cannot provide any guarantees on that.
4.9. The decision which a Government Locket makes regarding the potential honoring of a Travel Authorization depends in part on circumstances outside of the sphere of influence of e-Visa.co.uk. e-Visa.co.uk can therefore not guarantee that the services that fall under the Application Service will with certainty lead to honoring of a Travel Authorization by a Government Office.
4.10. If a Government Office for whatever reason does not issue a Travel Authorization (or not in time):
4.10.1. e-Visa.co.uk has unmitigatedly met her effort obligation.
4.10.2. Customer only has right to restitution limited to a maximum of the part of the purchase cost which pertained to the traveler whose Travel Authorization was not granted by the Government Office, and only if the person for who the Travel Authorization was applied for never before had any restitution take place by e-Visa.co.uk.
4.10.3. e-Visa.co.uk is not liable for any eventual direct, indirect, material, immaterial, consequential- or company damage (such as lost revenue or profit).
4.11. With the cancellation of an Order Customer has no right to any form of restitution, as e-Visa.co.uk immediately after Order commences with the services which fall within the Application Service.
4.12. Because travel authorisations are not transferable to other persons, the statutory cooling-off period for online purchases as well as the right of withdrawal do not apply to Application Services, in accordance with European consumer law on 'personal products'.
4.13. It is not permitted for Customer to file an Order for an application for a Travel Authorization for another, unless Customer has a legal authorization of that other and can provide this at first request of e-Visa.co.uk .
4.14. In case Customer receives a Travel Authorization which is acquired after Customer has knowingly or unknowingly provided false or incomplete information, e-Visa.co.uk cannot vouch for the validity of the concerning Travel Authorization. Customer needs to be aware that the immigration service are at all times empowered to deny travelers, including Customer, access to a country or to remove them from the country in case they suspect that the traveler has acquired a Travel Authorization on the basis of false or incomplete information. In this case, Customer is fully responsible for (consequential) damage, including extra costs for the application for a new Travel Authorization, flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.
4.15. If before filing an Order a Travel Authorization was earlier granted by the concerning Government Office, it is possible that this will expire and declared invalid by the Government Office.

Article. Payments

5.1. The prices mentioned on Website include VAT.
5.2. Customer is obligated to reimburse e-Visa.co.uk for all extrajudicial and judicial costs made, including reasonable costs for legal aid in or outside a procedure, in case Customer has not paid the required amount even after three payment reminders.
5.3. Customer is not entitled to settlement of a claim on his part with a claim of e-Visa.co.uk, unless they are empowered to do so on the basis of a final judicial or arbitral decision.
5.4. Customer is not entitled to curtail their obligations, unless Customer, within thirty days after the concerning obligations become claimable, submits the dispute to a qualified judge.
5.5. If after filling in the Application Form belonging to an Order for an Application Service a price increase takes place at the Government Office, e-Visa.co.uk is entitled to pass this price increase on to Customer, without Customer being entitled in that case to cancel the Order.

Article 6. Liability and indemnity

6.1. If Customer establishes that e-Visa.co.uk has fallen short in performing the Application Service, Customer is required to let e-Visa.co.uk know by written motivation without delay, but within 30 days. e-Visa.co.uk will be granted a reasonable period by Customer to, if possible, remedy the failure.
6.2. e-Visa.co.uk is not liable for damage which Customer suffers as a result of shortcomings of e-Visa.co.uk in the performing of the Application Service, unless this damage is caused by intent or knowing recklessness by e-Visa.co.uk or her supervisors.
6.3. e-Visa.co.uk takes great care to maintain the reliability and topicality of the information which is provided to Customer through the Website, e-mail, or otherwise. Falsehoods and incompleteness can however occur. e-Visa.co.uk provides no guarantee that the offered information is correct, complete, topical, and/or suitable for a certain purpose. e-Visa.co.uk therefore does not accept any liability for damages as a result of the usage of the offered information.
6.4. If from information of e-Visa.co.uk can be inferred that Customer has a right to a Travel Authorization this information is exclusively indicative, until Customer has received the concerning Travel Authorization from Government Office.
6.5. e-Visa.co.uk is never liable for any direct or indirect damage of Customer or third parties, under which is included consequential damage (such as lost revenue or profit), immaterial damage, company damage, or any other damage, issuing from the usage of the Website, Application Service, approval or rejection of the Travel authorization to Customer.
6.6. Should e-Visa.co.uk still be liable for damages which emerge, then this liability is in any case limited to the amount which was billed to Customer and was paid by Customer to e-Visa.co.uk for the performing of Application Services in the year in which the damage causing event occurs.
6.7. Customer waves e-Visa.co.uk for any eventual liabilities, sanctions, and legal prosecution by authorities such as the Government Office should Customer intentionally or unintentionally provide fraudulent information or documents to e-Visa.co.uk.
6.8. If e-Visa.co.uk suspects that Customer filed a fraudulent Order, including identity fraud or the intentional usage of incorrect or incomplete information, e-Visa.co.uk will press charges and make mention of it at the qualifying authorities, including the concerning Government Office.
6.9. e-Visa.co.uk makes great effort to safeguard her Website and other digital communication channels as best as possible against viruses, hacking, phishing, spam, etc.
Furthermore, e-Visa.co.uk will take fitting security measures to protect the Website against risks from unqualified access or modification to, destruction of, or loss of the filled in information by Customer through the Website, but e-Visa.co.uk cannot provide guarantees regarding this. e-Visa.co.uk can thus not be held liable for this, unless the case concerns grave negligence or intent on the part of e-Visa.co.uk.
6.10. Customer makes effort to take care of proper security for their part of the communication from and to the Website, including the hardware, software, and internet connection which is used to communicate with e-Visa.co.uk.
6.11. e-Visa.co.uk will treat the (personal) information and documents provided by Customer with complete care and not hand it to third parties, such as commercial parties, other than necessary to perform her Application Service, unless Customer beforehand expressly has agreed with the usage of his or her data for a divergent (commercial) purpose.
6.12. e-Visa.co.uk is entitled to save information and documents of Customer for a short period insofar as that is necessary for the performing of the Application Service, and/or as proof of the performing of the services.
6.13. When processing and keeping of provided information and documents,e-Visa.co.uk will act in accordance with the law protection of personal data and other relevant laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information
6.14. The Website contains outgoing links to websites of third parties, which are not managed by e-Visa.co.uk. e-Visa.co.uk cannot exercise permanent control on these third party websites, nor accept any responsibility regarding their contents. e-Visa.co.uk therefore cannot be held liable for this content.
6.15. Customer can upon traveling into a country be asked for proof of health insurance(s), third-party insurance(s), and/or travel insurance(s). Customer is responsible for arranging and paying for all eventual required insurances as well as the costs for health services such as hospitalization, doctors visits, and ambulance rides during their stay in the country for which they have applied for a Travel Authorization with the help of e-Visa.co.uk.

Article 7. Intellectual property rights

7.1. Customer can vouch not to infringe on (or allow third parties to do this or make this possible) the intellectual property rights of e-Visa.co.uk regarding content of the Websites, including texts, images, and software, for example by copying these, modifying them, or replicating them.

Article 8. Dissolving of Agreement

8.1. If Customer does not properly or within the set period or otherwise in a timely fashion meet any requirement which issues forth for him from any Order and/or Application Service, Customer is in neglect and e-Visa.co.uk is entitled without notice of default or judicial interference to entirely or partially dissolve the Order and/or Application service and with it any connected Orders and/or Application Services;

Article 9. Force majeure

9.1. In case of force majeure e-Visa.co.uk is authorized without judicial interference to curtail the performing of the Application Service, without e-Visa.co.uk being held accountable for any reparations.
9.2. Under force majeure is understood any circumstance on the basis of which (further) performing of the Application Service and/or Order cannot be reasonably expected by the other party, which includes suppliers of e-Visa.co.uk not being able to meet their obligations, fire, government decisions, flooding, strikes, work interruptions, exclusion, interfering weather circumstances, the temporarily inaccessibility or insufficient accessibility of hardware, software, and/or internet or other telecommunication connections which are necessary for the performing of the Application Service, including any other situation on which e-Visa.co.uk cannot exercise (decisive) control, everything in the company of e-Visa.co.uk as well as in the companies of third parties or the Government Office involved in the Application Service.