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Travelling through the beautiful Canadian wilderness in a RV means you can combine the best of the camping world with the most valuable comforts of a home. Enjoy the hikes, roast marshmallows around the fire and whip out a fluffy duvet at night to recharge for the next adventure. Do not forget to apply for an eTA Canada in advance. Did you know you can fill out the form online?

The best time to travel

The best time to travel through Canada is, unsurprisingly, in the summer: although RVs can be rented from the beginning of May to the end of October, July and August are the most popular months. Bear in mind that vehicles are in high demand during these months, so book your RV well in advance to make sure you get what you like at a competitive price. That said, if you are interested in seeing some foliage, the Indian summer in October can be truly magnificent. If the summer months have been rainy enough, the trees turn particularly colourful from mid-September to mid-October. Maples, birches and oaks glow in every shade of red, orange and yellow. It is also warm and dry, with no clouds in the sky.

CampervanA camper van drives through the rugged mountainous landscape of Canada.

What documents do you need?

You must be at least 21 years old to rent an RV. Please note that the driving licence must use the Latin alphabet and be at least one year old. If you decide to get an international licence, remember to carry the original licence from your country at all times. Without your original licence, the international licence is not valid. When renting a vehicle, a credit card in the name of the main driver must be provided to allow the renting company to put a certain amount of money on hold on the card in case of an accident.

If you are travelling to Canada from the EU or UK and you meet the requirements for an eTA Canada, you do not need to apply for a visa. The eTA Canada is not a physical document, but an electronic authorisation linked to your passport. The airline can easily view it at check-in.

What to expect from campsites

There is no shortage of campsites in Canada, but especially in the peak tourist season, in July and August, they book up really quickly. Some locations do not offer power outlets, so you will have to rely on solar power or a generator and fill your water tank beforehand. You will recognise the larger campsites by the number of services they offer, i.e.: 1 stands for electricity, 2 for electricity and water, 3 for electricity, water and sewer drainage. Some large campsites even have shops and cafés.

It is recommended that you book the campsites ahead of time when planning your itinerary. Please note that is it illegal to park wherever you like. You can stay at a rest stop along the highway for a maximum of 4 hours, and spending the night in the car park is not allowed. The only exception to this rule is Walmart, but ask the manager for permission in advance.

Apply for your eTA Canada online

Before you start planning your future road trips across Canada, you need a mandatory travel authorisation called eTA Canada. You can easily apply for the eTA Canada online by filling out the form. You will not need to visit an embassy. Your eTA Canada is valid for up to 5 years after approval. Within this period, you may travel to Canada an unlimited number of times, but each stay cannot exceed 6 months.