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Yukon is a relatively undiscovered part of Canada with rugged landscapes and harsh winters. The territory is ideal for nature lovers who want to travel off the beaten track, and for dog lovers who want to see the sled dogs. Apply for an eTA Canada now in order to admire the overwhelming nature of Yukon.

The perfect destination for adventurers

Many peopleʼs first thoughts when travelling to Canada are the Niagara Falls, the national parks in the west of the country, or big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. But for the seasoned traveller, Yukon can be a much more interesting destination. This territory in the far north-west of Canada is not yet visited by many foreigners and is known for its pristine nature and the sled dog races that are held there. You can drive for dozens of kilometres without meeting anyone, except perhaps for the bears that are found here in large numbers.

Starting point for a roundtrip: Whitehorse

Most Yukon tours start in the territoryʼs capital: Whitehorse, a small city of about 24,000 inhabitants. Almost three-quarters of Yukonʼs population lives here. Although Whitehorse is quite remote, it is a modern town with shops, restaurants and cafés. At a jetty in the Yukon River is the SS Klondike II, a giant white stern-wheel steamer that carried cargo between Dawson City and Whitehorse and was designated a monument in 1966. The boat is open to visitors from late May to early September.

Wilderness and bears in Kluane National Park

One of Yukonʼs highlights is Kluane National Park in the southwest of the territory, with mountains, glaciers, forests and valleys. The national park is listed along with St. Elias National Park, which is in Alaska, as a UNESCO transboundary world heritage site. Kluane is home to Canadaʼs highest mountain, 5959-metre Mount Logan, and one of the largest glaciers in Canada, Kluane Icefield. In the national park, there are numerous hiking trails and routes for different levels of skill, but bears are also found there. Therefore, always visit the Visitor Centre first, so you know what to do if you encounter bears.

Kluane National ParkKluane National Park

Would you prefer to visit the more tourist-intensive parts of Canada first, such as British Columbia, Ontario or Quebec, and possibly make a trip to Yukon later? This is possible with an eTA Canada. The eTA is valid for five years and can be used for an unlimited number of trips to Canada during this period. This makes it possible to visit different parts of Canada, possibly spread out over several years. Bear in mind that your passport is linked to the eTA Canada. Does your passport expire during the validity period of your eTA? Then you must also apply for a new eTA.

Gold Rush in Dawson City

The former capital of Yukon is Dawson City, a city that appeals to the imagination of many travellers. This city is known for the gold that was discovered there at the end of the 19th century, which led to a real gold rush. When the gold mines were exhausted, most of the inhabitants left the city, but gold is still mined there today. A must is Bonanza Creek, the creek where the first nugget of gold was once found. Walking through the unpaved streets of the city between the colourful houses and saloons, you almost feel as if you are in a western film.

Dempster Highway

Dawson City is the perfect base for the Dempster Highway, sometimes referred to as Canadaʼs most spectacular road. This 740-kilometre gravel road leads all the way to the Inuit village of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories, past mountain ranges and vast plains north of the Arctic Circle. On the way, you can stop at the Tombstone Territorial Park, a park with tundra landscapes and snow-capped mountain peaks where you can take impressive hikes. Here too, however, it is advisable to visit the visitor centre first, to reserve a place to stay overnight (even with a camper van) and for advice on which hike is recommended at that time.

eTA Canada application

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