News report | | 27/05/2022 | ±3 minutes reading time

New Zealand is best known worldwide for its picturesque landscapes and its indigenous Maori culture. Millions of tourists visit this country every year to see its beaches, cliffs and lakes, as well as museums, palaces, and galleries. If you want to take a break from nature and culture and just have fun, you will have no trouble finding an amusement park or water park that meets your needs. To make your choice easier, here you will find three amusement or water parks that are definitely worth a visit. Do not forget to apply for your New Zealand visa (NZeTA) before you travel to New Zealand.

Rainbow’s end – Auckland

Top of the list is Rainbowʼs End, currently the largest amusement park in New Zealand. The park is located in Manukau City, just a 20-minute drive from Auckland city centre. The park opened in 1982 and had only a few bumper cars in the beginning. In the following years, the park has expanded considerably by adding more rides, which has made it over time the most famous and biggest amusement park in New Zealand, with more than 20 different rides.

Whether you are travelling with family or friends, chances are you will find the attraction that suits you best. The park also includes Kidz Kingdom, a family entertainment centre for children under the age of eight.

Agrodome – Rotorua

This 350-hectare farm is surrounded by nature on one side and is also close to Rotoruaʼs city centre on the other. Agrodome offers the ultimate farm experience and has been welcoming tourists from all over the world for over forty years. People come to this world-famous park to meet the friendly animals that live on this property and can be hand-fed while visiting. The number of animals living in this park is impressive. The park is home to 26 different breeds of sheep, 10 breeds of cattle, donkeys, deer, goats, horses, birds and many more.

In the park, you can also visit the Farmyard Nursery, where baby animals of various species can be approached, cuddled and photographed. Since 2018, the park has also introduced Valais Blacknose, a species of sheep not found anywhere else in New Zealand. The park also offers various activities such as sheep shearing, milking cows and feeding baby animals.

Waimarino – Tauranga

Waimarino Adventure Park is a water park located on the Wairoa River and at the same time only 10 minutes from Tauranga city centre. The park was founded in 1975, when a section of the Wairoa Riverʼs edge was purchased with the intention of creating a place where people of all ages could go to learn kayaking. It started with just 6 kayaks in a small shed, and Waimarino Park has continued to expand ever since.

Today, the park has grown considerably and offers many activities, such as rock climbing, water slides and beach volleyball. The number of different experiences that this water park has to offer makes it the perfect place for an outing with friends or family.

Apply for your New Zealand visa

To visit these parks and all the other breathtaking attractions of this country, you will need a visa. Applying for your New Zealand electronic visa, or NZeTA, requires a simple procedure. All the steps to apply for your NZeTA, which stands for ‘New Zealand electronic Travel Authorityʼ, can be completed online with the application form. After its approval, your visa will be digitally linked to your passport. The New Zealand visa costs £59.95 and is valid for two years from the date of approval. This type of visa allows for an unlimited number of trips to New Zealand. However, each trip should not exceed three consecutive months.