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Boston, capital of the state of Massachusetts and birthplace of American independence, is one of the oldest and richest states in the United States and a place you should not miss on your visit to the American East Coast. This city is certainly not inferior to other cities of the East Coast such as Washington DC and New York City.

Boston skylineThe Boston skyline as seen from the harbour

Read more about Bostonʼs colonial history, what to do in and around the city and how to easily apply for an ESTA for your trip to the USA.

Colonial past

Boston has a rich colonial past which can be observed all over the city. The city was founded in 1630 by English Puritans who feared persecution in their homeland and sought new lands where they could enjoy religious freedom. Here, the settlers were encouraged to fight for their freedom and escape the British rule.

The Freedom Trail takes you along 16 different sights that reference to that period. On this trail, you will find the Old South Meeting House, the meeting place before the Boston Tea Party and the Old State House, the oldest standing building in Boston dating back to 1713. You will also pass the home of Paul Revere. He was a famous patriot during the American Revolution. The Bunker Hill Monument, which marks the site of one of the first battles between the British and the Patriots in the Revolutionary War.

Sports in Boston

Sports enthusiasts will certainly not get bored in Boston. Boston has many sports teams, so you will not lack variety. One of them is the baseball team Boston Red Sox, based at Fenway Park. If you find yourself in Boston during the baseball season (April-September), it would be a good idea to catch a game. Another famous sports team is the Boston Bruins ice hockey team. Their home games are played at TD Garden during hockey season (October-April). Every year between September and December, American football fans can visit Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, just outside Boston. This is where the New England Patriots play in the NFL (National Football League). Are you more into basketball? Then turn to the Boston Celtics who play at TD Garden during the basketball season (November-April). With an ESTA you can travel to the USA several times within the validity period of 2 years and go to several sporting events in different occasions.

Salem witch trials

If you have some more free time, take a trip up north to the town of Salem. This town is known for its history of accusations of witchcraft and resulting witch trials. Between February 1692 and May 1693, over 200 people were accused of witchcraft. Out of those 200 people, 30 were eventually found guilty. 19 were executed by hanging, one was crushed to death and the others died in prison.

Sights in Salem

Most of the sights in Salem are related to the witch hunts. One worth a visit is The Witch House, former home of judge Jonathan Corwin. Jonathan Corwin was the judge during the witch trials, and his house if the only building in Salem directly linked to the 1692 witch trials. In 1992, over 300 years after the events, a memorial was unveiled in downtown Salem in memory of those unjustly executed. With an ESTA, you can stay in the USA for up to 90 days. This will give you plenty of time to visit Boston and its surroundings.

Apply for an ESTA

Travellers from the EU and UK who wish to visit Boston need a mandatory travel authorization to enter the USA, namely an ESTA. The ESTA is valid for two years and can be applied for before you decide the exact travel period or departure date. Apply for your ESTA online via the application form to start planning your trip to Boston stress-free.