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Are you travelling to Cambodia? There is a big chance that your flight will land at the international airport of Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville or Siem Reap. You can enter the country through these cities with the e-visa Cambodia. Apply for the visa in time and enjoy everything these Cambodian cities have to offer.

The capital of Cambodia: Phnom Penh

Cambodia has some world-famous metropolises that have everything for a fantastic city trip, including the capital Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is located in the south-east of Cambodia and has over 2.2 million inhabitants. The city probably owes its name to a rich Cambodian widow named Daun Chi Penh. ‘Phnom’ stands for ‘hill’ and Phnom Penh therefore means ‘hill of Penh’. The story goes that in 1372, Penh found a tree trunk in the Mekong River with five Buddha statues inside. She built a 27-metre-high hill and had a temple (‘Watʼ) built on it and called it ‘Wat Phnomʼ. The statues were then given a place in the temple on the hill. You can still visit the temple today, but the structure has been renovated so often that there is not much left of the original building. From this high hill, you have a beautiful view of the city.

The temple contains the ashes of King Ponhea Yat, the king of the Khmer Empire, who fled in 1431 after the area had been taken over by the Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya. This was also the year when Phnom Penh was made the capital of Cambodia. As King Norodom I did not move his seat of government permanently from Udon to Phnom Penh until 1866, under pressure from the French, construction of the Royal Palace and the temple ‘Wat preah Keo’ began. The temple is famous for its 5000 silver floor tiles and the Golden Buddha, a statue made of real gold and decorated with 1500 diamonds.

Visiting other cities

Sihanoukville and Siem Reap

Besides Phnom Penh, Cambodia has many other cities that are worth visiting. With the Cambodia visa, you can for instance choose to fly to Sihanoukville or Siem Reap. Sihanoukville is a well-known seaside resort with white beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.

Siem Reap started as a small village, but has grown to be the third-largest city in Cambodia and receives an enormous amount of tourists, who come not only to visit the Angkor Temples, but also to get an impression of the old, atmospheric village it once was.


About a three-hour drive from Siem Reap is Battambang, a city with French influences and a sad history. When the country fell into the hands of the Khmer Rouge regime, ten thousand people were killed here and left behind in the Killing Caves. Various memorials can be found in the city.

Battambang also has temple complexes comparable to Angkor Wat. The Bamboo Train, a relic from the French colonial period, can be found here, although the train stations in Cambodia are generally no longer in use.

Ban Lun

For peace and quiet, Ban Lung is the place to be. Ban Lung is popular with tourists because of its beautiful surroundings with waterfalls, such as Kanchan and Chaa Ong, and the crater lake Boeng Yeak Lom. In addition, the original population still lives here. During a so-called ‘homestay’ (a tour to a small village with overnight stay), you can get to know the customs and traditions of indigenous people such as the Tampuan.

Cambodia visa application

Anyone wishing to visit one of these Cambodian cities will need to apply for a visa. The Cambodia visa was created so that the Cambodian government can control who enters the country. It is a document issued by the Cambodian government if travellers meet all the Cambodia visa requirements. Before applying for your Cambodia visa, it is important that you read these requirements carefully

The advantage of the e-visa Cambodia over a physical visa is that an e-visa can be applied for quickly and easily online and is cheaper. In addition, you do not need to visit the embassy to apply for an e-visa Cambodia. For a stay in Cambodia of more than 30 days, a physical visa is required. Travellers wishing to visit Cambodia for longer than 30 days will have to visit the Cambodian embassy in London for a visa.

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