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When hearing the word ʼpyramidʼ, most people think of the gigantic constructions with triangular faces in the Egyptian deserts. But pyramids come in all shapes and sizes. With an Egypt visa, you can travel around the country at your leisure and admire the different pyramids up close.

Cultural and touristic highlights of Egypt

The pyramid is perhaps the best known symbol of Egypt. These ancient tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs are by far the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Although most people are familiar with the great Pyramids of Giza, in total there are more than 100 pyramids in Egypt. Not all of these pyramids have the characteristic shape with triangular sides. There are round pyramids, rectangular pyramids, and pyramids that are so low that they can hardly be distinguished from the surrounding landscape. In this article you can read about some of the most unique pyramids in Egypt.

The step pyramid of Djoser

The most famous pyramid in Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Cheops), but its design comes from an older pyramid: the Pyramid of Djoser. The Djoser Pyramid is generally regarded as the first building in history to be built entirely of stone. The Djoser Pyramid is a step pyramid. This pyramid does not have smooth sides, like the Great Pyramid, but consists of six increasingly smaller layers that form a point. The Pyramid of Djoser is considered to be the predecessor of all future Egyptian pyramids.

The rectangular pyramid of Meidoem (the step pyramid of Snofroe)

The pyramid of Meidoum, also called the step pyramid of Snofroe after the pharaoh to whom it is attributed, is unique in form. It is the first rectangular pyramid in Egyptian history. The base of the pyramid is wide, but narrows as you go higher. The pyramid of Meidoum was originally a step pyramid, but was later rebuilt to its present rectangular shape by using large amounts of limestone.

The bent pyramid of Snofroe

The name of this pyramid already indicates that it is not an ordinary pyramid. The bent pyramid is the second pyramid built by Snofroe, after the earlier mentioned Meidoem Pyramid. The bent pyramid looks a bit like a normal pyramid, but, as the name implies, it has a bend in the middle. This makes it look as if the pyramid is leaning. The reason for this unique shape is constructional problems. The pyramid became instable during construction and, in order to save the building, an alternative angle was chosen.

The pyramid complex of Sahoere

Nowadays it may look like nothing more than a pile of stones and earth, but the pyramid of Sahoere was once part of a vast complex in Abusir. This complex had a temple as well as a covered road leading to it. The pyramid of Sahoere became a standard type of pyramid construction. More attention was paid to decoration rather than size, which made subsequent pyramids smaller and more detailed. Unfortunately, the pyramid of Sahoere has fallen into disrepair. Of the 10,000 m² of sculpted reliefs that lined the walls, only 150 m² have survived.

One visa is enough to see all the pyramids

The pyramids in Egypt are not far apart. For example, if you want to travel from Giza to Abusir to admire the pyramid complex of Sahoere, you are only two and a half hours away. From Giza to the Djoser pyramid in Saqqara is even only 45 minutes. This means that with a single Egypt visa, you have more than enough time to visit all the pyramids you want. The visa is valid for a stay of 30 days.

If you have not seen everything during your visit, you can come back another time. Please note that you may need to re-apply for a visa, depending on the type of visa. Although the Egypt visa is valid for a total of 90 days , you should specifically opt for the ʼmultiple entryʼvariant if you plan to return to Egypt within these 90 days. The multiple entry visa allows you to travel to Egypt several times with the same visa. If you choose the cheaper ʼsingle entryʼ visa, which allows you to travel to Egypt only once, you will have to apply for a new visa for a second trip to Egypt.