News report | | 12/01/2022 | ±3 minutes reading time

Among tourists, Kenya is mainly known as a safari destination. However, the African country has much more to offer than just safaris. A Kenya visa allows you to stay in the country for 90 days, which gives you more than enough time to explore this diverse country!

Climb Africaʼs second highest mountain

With a height of 5199 metres, Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. In Gikuyu (a Bantu language), Mount Kirima is called Kĩrĩ Nyaga, which means "Shining Mountain". The reason for this name is easy to see. The peaks of the mountain are covered with snow, which makes them shine like gigantic pearls, especially in the morning light. Like Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya can also be climbed. The three highest peaks are Lenana (4985 m), Nelion (5188 m) en Batian (5199 m). The two highest peaks, Nelion and Batian, are usually only climbed by experienced climbers.

Walk through Hellʼs Gate

The name Hellʼs Gate can seem intimidating, but the opposite is true. Hellʼs Gate is a beautiful nature park and one of only two parks in Kenya where you can walk or cycle without any problems. Unlike other parks in Kenya, there are virtually no dangerous animals in Hellʼs Gate to be concerned about. The park has long stretches of cycling and hiking trails, rock walls that can be climbed, hot springs and geysers.

Dine in a cave

Ali Barbourʼs Cave Restaurant is located in the popular holiday resort of Diani in Kenya. As the name suggests, the restaurant is built in an ancient cave ten metres underground. Diners are surrounded by the beautifully lit cave walls, and the cave has an open ceiling, giving visitors a view of the starry sky. Pre-booking is required and guests are collected from and returned to their hotel by taxi.

Explore Nairobi and Mombasa

Many travellers who arrive in Nairobi leave the city almost immediately to travel on to, for instance, Diani Beach or to go on safari. This is a pity, because Nairobi is a beautiful city with many attractions and activities. Nairobi is packed with unique restaurants, cafes, galleries, and even has its own national park just outside the city centre.

Mombassa is also worth a visit. Mombassa is Kenyaʼs largest port, and the influences of international trade are reflected in the cityʼs architecture, as well as in local clothing and food. A visit to Fort Jesus and the historic part of Old Mombasa should not be missed.

Visit the ruins of Gedi

On the north-eastern coast of Kenya, near Kilifi, are the ruins of the Swahili city of Gedi. The city dates back to the 15th century, but was abandoned in the mid-17th century for reasons still unknown. In the 19th century, the ruins were rediscovered by British settlers, although the local Mijikenda people already knew the place. Gedi contains the remains of a palace, a mosque and several houses. Tourists can book a tour to walk among the ancient ruins themselves, which is an unforgettable experience.

Visa to travel to Kenya

What makes Kenya even more attractive as a holiday destination is that the visa for Kenya can be applied for easily online. Since the beginning of 2021, it is not even possible to obtain a visa in any other way. This makes the queues at the airport a lot shorter, because everyone can get through immediately. According to the Kenyan government, the full digitization of the visa system has greatly improved security in the country, as all travellers can now be screened in advance.

To apply for the visa, travellers fill in the online application form. After the fee is paid, four documents must be uploaded: a passport photo, a scan of the passport, a booking confirmation from a hotel or resort and a confirmation of the return flight.