The costs of the Oman visa depend on the chosen visa type and delivery time. Paying can be easily done in advance, through the various online payment methods.

Costs of the three visa types for Oman

There are three deliverable variants of the Oman tourist e-visa. Starting 2018, no visa on arrival are issued anymore, you need to apply for the visa before departure.

Single entry tourist visa for 10 days

With this visa type, a single visit to Oman can be made. The stay can last a maximum of 10 days. This e-visa costs £44.95 per person.
Apply for the single entry variant for a stay of 10 days

Single entry tourist visa for 30 days

This visa type also allows you to make a single visit to Oman, but for a maximum stay of 30 days. This e-visa costs £84.95 per person.
Apply for the single entry variant for a stay of 30 days

Multiple entry tourist visa for one year

Travellers that want to travel to Oman multiple times within a single year can make use of the multiple entry visa. The validity term of one year starts from the date of issuing. Within this period, the country can be visited an unlimited number of times. Each stay in Oman can last a maximum of 30 days. This e-visa costs £154.95 per person.
Apply for the multiple entry visa for Oman

Optional: costs for urgent delivery

If so desired, you can have your application for the Oman visa processed with urgency. In that case, the application form filled in by you, as well as your passport scan and passport photo, are always checked within 24 hours (usually even within an hour) by one of the visa specialists at If it is suspected that the information or documents have been provided incorrectly, these are corrected immediately, or you are contacted personally. Once everything is in order, the application is processed by the immigration service of Oman. Because of this, urgently applied for visas are approved on average after four days instead of seven. The additional costs for this urgent delivery are £17.50 per visa. It should be noted here that because of the possibility of random background checks, no guarantee whatsoever can be given regarding the delivery time, even if you choose the option “urgent delivery” in the application form. Read more about the delivery times and urgent procedures on the page with frequently asked questions about the Oman visa.

Payment methods for the Oman visa

Currently, there are six payment methods with which you can safely and easily pay for the Oman visa. British travellers are advised to pay for the costs through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. All of these payment methods are both quick and secure, allowing for a speedy processing of the visa application. Keep in mind that your application is only processed once the payment as well as all of the required information and documents have been received by us.

Paying for the visa can be safely done online, without any transaction costs.
MastercardVisaAmerican ExpressPayPal

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

The costs of the Oman visa as mentioned above are total prices. Aside from the possible surcharge for an urgent delivery, no additional costs for the visa are charged. All mentioned amounts include all of the consular and service costs. No additional administration costs, taxes, transaction costs or other hidden costs are charged. As you are paying directly in pounds or euros, you will not have to deal with a potentially unfavourable exchange rate to Omani Rial, and your credit card company will not charge an exchange rate surcharge for the Oman visa.