News report | | 11/02/2022 | ±3 minutes reading time

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia with a very interesting history. In addition to historical highlights, the country also has beautiful natural areas to offer. In this article, you can read about planning a budget holiday in Vietnam and how to apply for your Vietnam visa.

Your trip to Vietnam

During your trip in Vietnam, you can choose to stay in a luxury resort, hotel, guesthouse or hostel. Besides the luxury resorts, there are plenty of other cheap options. If you are making a low budget trip in Vietnam, you can stay in cheap hotel or hostel. If you like privacy, you can book a private hotel room, otherwise you can book a shared room. Often hotel rooms or shared rooms in hostels start from £6 per night. So when it comes to price, it doesn‘t really matter whether you stay in a hostel or a hotel.

In addition, you can also stay cheaply in a guesthouse. Here you can book your own room in the house of a Vietnamese family. Usually you pay between £5 and £30 per night. The rooms in guesthouses are usually simple and the bathroom is shared with other guests. Some guesthouses include a simple breakfast. Staying with locals is the perfect way to get an insight into authentic Vietnamese daily life. You can arrange to stay in a guesthouse either with a tour operator or online.

You can make your trip in Vietnam as cheap or expensive as possible by paying attention to your accommodation. There is a wide range of hostels and hotels, which means that there are also many low-budget accommodation options.

Transport in Vietnam

In general, transport in Vietnam is much cheaper than in the UK. A low budget holiday in Vietnam is also doable if you plan to visit different places in the country. If you are going to travel around, you have a few transport options.

For longer distances, you can choose a domestic flight. These flights generally cost between £30 and £60 and come in handy as Vietnam is quite a large country. It is best to book your domestic flights in advance, as this will give you the best chance of getting the cheapest possible fare. However, you should take into account the booking and cancellation conditions before you book your flight.

As an alternative to domestic flights, you can also choose the bus. The bus is the cheapest means of transport in Vietnam, and you can reach almost all destinations with it. The wide range of bus routes and last minute tickets make the bus one of the best ways to travel. You can also spare an overnight stay by booking an overnight bus. This way you also save time during your trip, because you travel to your destination while you sleep. You can buy an open bus ticket for less than £30 to travel from the capital Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. During the long bus journey, you can get off at all the popular destinations and get back on the bus with the same ticket. This way, you can make optimal use of your visa and see a lot of the country.

You can also travel through Vietnam by train. As with the bus, it is possible to travel by train at night, so that you can sleep during your trip and arrive at your destination well-rested. However, trains in Vietnam are generally not as fast as in the UK. Therefore, your journey may take a lot longer. On the other hand, you do have all the time to enjoy the beautiful views during your train journey. Moreover, train journeys are generally safer than bus journeys. You can easily order your train tickets online.

The Vietnam visa

If you want to plan a low budget holiday to Vietnam, you should also consider the Vietnam visa. The Vietnam visa is valid for 30 days and costs £49.95 per person.