The tourist visa for Cuba available through is valid for 90 days. After arrival in Cuba, the validity of the visa can be extended once for another 90 days. The validity period begins upon arrival in Cuba, from the moment you pass through customs.

Tourist card Cuba

The tourist visa for Cuba, better known as the tourist card for Cuba, is valid for 90 days. If you submit your application through, you will receive your tourist card by post within an average of 14 days.

Apply for your tourist card for Cuba

Once you have received the tourist card for Cuba, you must fill it out yourself. You can also carry out this step well ahead of your departure. On our page about filling out the tourist card for Cuba you will read exactly what information you need to provide and how to do it. Please note that the tourist card for Cuba is only valid if you meet all the requirements.

Mistake while filling out the tourist card for Cuba

Did you make a mistake while filling out your tourist card?
You cannot correct the data you entered. If you cross out data to correct it, your tourist card is immediately invalid. You must fill in all the data on the tourist card correctly at once, so take enough time to provide the required information and do so accurately. Did you still make a mistake? Then you will need to apply for a new tourist card for Cuba.

Permitted length of stay in Cuba

Upon arrival at the airport in Cuba, your tourist card and passport will be checked by customs. The tourist card consists of two parts. When you arrive in Cuba, a customs officer will tear the visa in half and take the right part. Be sure to keep the left part of your tourist card, as you will have to turn it in when you leave the country. Once your tourist card is torn in half, the permitted 90-day stay begins.

Valid for a single trip to Cuba

Keep in mind that the tourist card for Cuba is a single-entry visa. This means that you may enter and leave the country once. Do you want to leave Cuba in between, for example to visit the Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica or Mexico, and then return to Cuba? Then you will need a new tourist card for your second arrival in Cuba.

Extension of the validity of the tourist card

After arriving in Cuba, you can extend the validity of the tourist card once for another 90 days at an immigration office. To do this, you will need your visa, passport and return flight ticket. You must also be able to show proof of accommodation. You can use the booking confirmation issued by your accommodation, for instance. If you are staying in a so-called casa particular, you can ask its owner to help you with the extension. The owners of this type of housing are often very familiar with the procedure and can offer you support if necessary.

Extending the tourist card costs approximately 25 USD. This cost must be paid by means of stamps that you can buy at any post office or bank in Cuba. You should bring these stamps with you to the immigration office when you plan to renew your tourist card. Note: There is no guarantee that the extension of the authorized length of stay in Cuba will be granted. Extension requests can always be denied.

Applying for a new tourist card

If you want to stay in Cuba longer than 90 days, you can also choose to leave the country briefly, travel abroad and then return to Cuba with a new tourist card. This new tourist card must also be filled out prior to arrival. For any trip to Cuba, you must also meet all the requirements of the Cuba tourist card.

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