Starting 9 June 2023, all COVID-19 measures for travel to Indonesia have been lifted. This applies to all of Indonesia, including the popular holiday destinations of Bali and Java. International travellers visiting Indonesia after 9 June 2023 will therefore no longer have to show a vaccination certificate, proof of recovery or other COVID-19 certificates. However, it is still mandatory to apply for a visa for Indonesia.

COVID-19 in Indonesia

At the beginning of June 2023, all COVID-19 measures were lifted and since then Indonesia has been open again to foreign visitors. Read more about the lifted COVID-19 restrictions below.

COVID-19 vaccination

It is no longer mandatory to be vaccinated against coronavirus to enter Indonesia. You will not have to provide proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or other COVID-19 certificates. Travellers are allowed to visit Indonesia even if they have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, you will always need a valid visa for Indonesia.
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PCR test and certificate

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers to Indonesia were required to undergo a PCR test (on-site, if necessary). Travellers had to be able to show the result of this test in the form of a valid test certificate. This COVID-19 measure has also been lifted.

Face coverings

The requirement to wear a face mask is no longer in force in Indonesia. This applies to outdoor areas as well as indoor areas. Travellers are obviously free to wear a mask if they want.

Other COVID-19 measures

Other COVID-19 measures, including social distancing and avoidance of crowded areas, are also no longer in force. Not everyone still follows the advice to cough into the crook of the elbow and wash hands regularly with antibacterial soap, but many people may still feel more comfortable following these precautions.

COVID-19 measures lifted in IndonesiaAt the beginning of June 2023, Indonesia lifted all COVID-19 measures

What if you contract COVID-19 in Indonesia?

Although Indonesia no longer applies COVID-19 measures, the virus has not disappeared and you can still get infected. This applies not only to Indonesia, but to all countries around the world. No measures are applied, even if you contract COVID-19 in Indonesia. Under no circumstances will you be subject to quarantine or obliged to wear a mask. However, it is advised to always be sufficiently considerate of those around you and make sure that no one contracts the virus. Although wearing is not compulsory, it could still be appropriate to ware one.

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