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Towards the end of the first two months of this year, Cuba improved its tourism figures compared to the same period last year: it managed to attract one million travellers, according to the Minister for Tourism.

Cuba is known for its authentic atmosphere and picturesque streets. The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors for the Cuban economy and, according to the Minister for Tourism, the growth in tourism is doing wonders for employment in the country. British and Irish travellers wishing to visit Cuba need a Cuba visa.

More and more tourists to Cuba

More and more tourists are choosing to travel to Cuba. The Minister for Tourism has said on Twitter that many companies in the tourism industry will try to attract at least five million visitors to the country this year. Cuba is doing well; the economy is picking up, more and more people see Cuba as a peaceful country, and health and safety in the country are improving rapidly. This makes Cuba a destination which, according to the Minister for Tourism, is flourishing.

This year, Havana was even voted the best travel destination by the popular website TripAdvisor. Maya Riviera and Varadero are also on the list. According to the travel website, Varadero has one of the best beaches in the world.

Cuba prepares for more tourists

Cuba is also preparing to attract more tourists to the country. Last December, Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz said that 2019 would be an interesting year full of challenges for the country. The country wants to make even better use of its tourism potential and do its best to please tourists.

The Minister hopes to reach the record of five million visitors a year. According to him, 100,000 more visitors came to the country in the first two months of this year than in the same period the year before. It is an interesting year for Cuba because of Havana's 500th anniversary, the annual International Tourism Fair (FITCuba) which takes place in May and the large number of investments in the tourism sector.

Experience Cuba for yourself? You need a Cuba visa

Cuba is known for its pastel colours, classic cars and authentic streets. All British and Irish travellers who want to experience the authenticity of Cuba for themselves need a Cuba visa to travel to the country. Applying for a visa is mandatory. The Cuba visa is a paper card that travellers must keep with the passport..

Applying for a Cuba visa is easily done online and only takes a few minutes. Upon approval, the visa is sent by post. You can apply for a Cuba visa 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cuba visa application

All residents of the European Union must have a visa in order to travel to Cuba, including British and Irish travellers. This means that even underage travellers must have their own passport and visa for Cuba. If it concerns a trip with a tourist purpose, the Cuba visa can easily be applied for via this website. It is therefore no longer necessary to go to the Cuban embassy for this.

The Cuba visa is a green paper card with a tear line in the middle. On both the left and right-hand side, the nationality, first name, surname, date of birth and passport number, among other things, must be filled in. When arriving in Cuba, the traveller must hand in one part of the card. The other part is kept, as it has to be handed in on departure from Cuba.

It is recommended keeping the visa together with the passport in your hand luggage, so that you can always present them if asked.

Cuban visa application requirements and fees

Applying for a Cuba visa costs £44.95 per person and only takes a few minutes. After receiving the visa you can fill it in yourself. It is important to write down the passport data correctly.

In order to apply for a visa, you must meet a number of requirements. For example, the green visa does not allow direct travel from the United States to Cuba (this requires a special pink visa), the passport must be valid for at least seven months upon arrival, the tourist visa cannot be used to work in Cuba, and minors must also have their own Cuba visa.

Urgent visa procedure for Cuba

Forgot to apply for a Cuba visa? Submit an urgent application. Urgent applications submitted and paid for before 12:00 on a working day will be processed immediately. The Cuba visa will then be sent by post the same day. A surcharge of £10.00 per person applies.

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