Tourists and business travellers are welcome again in New Zealand. On 20 October 2022, the last measures related to Covid-19 for international travel to New Zealand were lifted. On this page, you can read about the current Covid-19 situation in the country to be well-prepared before travelling.

The coronavirus (Covid-19) in New Zealand

During the pandemic, New Zealand has been able to protect themselves relatively well against Covid-19. In early 2020, a strict entry ban was imposed, including for travellers who already had visas. Those who had an exception to travel to the country, had to be quarantined for two weeks after arrival. Partly due to these strict measures, the number of people infected with Covid-19 remained relatively low compared to other countries.

Only in February 2022, New Zealand first saw more than one thousand positive Covid-19 test results in a single day. Infection rates ran high then, but have dropped again since then. Furthermore, by now around 85 % of the New Zealand population has been fully vaccinated. Because of this, Covid-19 barely has any consequences for public health care in New Zealand in 2024.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to far-reaching measures in New ZealandNew Zealand has lifted the coronavirus (Covid-19) entry ban

You can go on a holiday or business trip again

From 18 March 2020 to 1 May 2022, the New Zealand borders were closed for business travellers and tourists. By now, the borders have been reopened and as of September 2022 travellers will not have to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19. Furthermore, it is no longer required to test for Covid-19 before departure. With this, New Zealand follows the example of Australia, where for some time it was no longer required to show proof of vaccination or testing.

On 20 October 2022, the last measures related to Covid-19 for international travel were lifted in New Zealand. Since then, travellers will no longer have to complete a New Zealand Travel Declaration or test for Covid-19 after arrival. Are you travelling to New Zealand in 2024 or later? Then you won’t have to test for Covid-19, regardless of your vaccination status. Moreover, you won’t have to fill in any declaration or go into quarantine. However, you still need to apply for a New Zealand visa.

Apply for your New Zealand visa

Long before you travel to New Zealand, you can apply for the required visa. You can use the so-called NZeTA for both a holiday or business travel. This visa type is valid for two years for an unlimited number of trips to New Zealand. Each stay may last up to 3 consecutive months. In total, you may stay in the country for up to six months a year with an NZeTA. The NZeTA is suitable for travellers with the nationality of the United Kingdom, Ireland the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and all (other) countries in the European Union

Apply for your NZeTA now

The influence of Covid-19 on your return journey to the UK

The British government considers New Zealand a safe travel destination. There are no rules for travellers returning to the UK. This means no test result or passenger locator form is required, and travellers also do not need to self-isolate.

The influence of Covid-19 on your return journey to Ireland

The Irish government also considers New Zealand a safe travel destination. Ireland has also abolished all rules for returning travellers, meaning no test result or quarantine is required for travellers returning to Ireland from abroad.

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