New Zealand is represented in the UK by the High Commission in London, and in Ireland by the Embassy in Dublin. They also have Honorary Consuls in Scotland (Edinburgh) and in Northern Ireland (Belfast). The embassies have various responsibilities, but they do not process visa applications for New Zealand.

Responsibilities of the New Zealand embassies

The various embassies of New Zealand have a number of functions. The embassies are the official New Zealand representatives abroad. This makes them responsible for the political and economic relations between New Zealand and other countries. The embassies represent New Zealand at the various international organisations, such as the UN and the EU. In the case of the UK, this also happens via multilateral Commonwealth institutions.

The High Commission in London and the Embassy in Ireland also support New Zealand nationals living in those countries, for example with acquiring passports, ID-cards and other official documents that can only be issued by the New Zealand government. However, neither the High Commission nor the Embassy accept visa applications, as they are not involved in the visa application process. This is handled by the immigration services. EU and UK nationals can apply for an NZeTA visa online.

Visa applications not processed by the embassy

Do you want to apply for a New Zealand visa? That is not possible via the Embassy or High Commission. This is because visa applications are processed by the immigration services via an electronic system. This does come with benefits. For example, applicants do not need to fill in paper forms or provide documents at the embassy. Instead, they can submit their applications from the comfort of their homes. This also reduces the workload for employees at the embassy, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Interesting information about the New Zealand visa.

The most popular visa types for New Zealand
New Zealand offers a wide variety of visa types. The most commonly used ones are the Visitor Visa and the NZeTA. Both visas are meant for a temporary stay in New Zealand, such as a holiday or business trip. Short study trips or job interviews are also allowed, but neither visa allows the holder to work in New Zealand.

The main difference between the two travel permits is found in the application procedure. The NZeTA is available to travellers from a limited number of countries, which includes the UK and Ireland. Travellers from these countries can make use of the simplified application procedure, allowing visa applications to often be approved within 5 days (when urgent, often within 24 hours). To apply for a Visitor Visa, additional information must be provided. As this visa has to be approved manually, processing can take several weeks. This visa is also much more expensive than an NZeTA.

New Zealand visa application

A visa for New Zealand can be easily applied for online. Travellers with UK and Irish nationality, as well as other travellers with an eligible nationality, can apply for an NZeTA visa via the online application form on this website. This visa is valid for two years and allows for multiple stays of 3 months each. After filling in the form and making the payment, all that is required to complete the application is uploading a recent photograph.
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Contact details of the High Commission and Embassy

Do you have questions about visa applications for New Zealand? First check the frequently asked questions about the New Zealand visa. The High Commission and Embassy only offer limited information about visa-related issues, as they are not involved in processing applications. Do you have a different question about the responsibilities of the New Zealand High Commission or Embassy? Contact them via the details below.

London: New Zealand High Commission
Address 1 Pall Mall East, SW1Y 5AU London
Telephone +44(20)79308422

Map view of the New Zealand High CommissionThe New Zealand High Commission in London is found at 1 Pall Mall East.

Dublin: New Zealand Embassy to Ireland
Address Level 3, 2-4 Merrion Row, D02 YN56 Dublin
Telephone +35315677680

Map view of the New Zealand embassyThe New Zealand Embassy in Dublin is located at 2-4 Merrion Row. is a commercial and professional visa agency, and supports travellers in obtaining, among others, the New Zealand visa. acts as an intermediary and is in no way part of any government. You can also apply for a visa directly with the immigration service (58 NZD per visa, via However, not with our level of support. If you submit your application via, our support centre is available to you 24/7. In addition, we manually check your application and all the documents you provide before submitting it to the immigration authorities on your behalf. If we suspect any errors or omissions while doing so, we will personally contact you to ensure that your application can still be processed quickly and correctly. To use our services, you pay us 58 NZD in consular fees, which we pay to the immigration service on your behalf, as well as £37.40 in service fees as compensation for our services, including VAT. Our services have saved many travellers from major problems during their trip. Should an application be rejected despite our support and verification, we will refund the full purchase price (unless an application for a previous New Zealand visa was rejected for the same traveller). Read more about our services here.