An ETA Sri Lanka is an electronic travel authorization which is mandatory for all travelers going to Sri Lanka that are not exempt from applying for a Sri Lanka visa. An ETA can be applied for online in a few minutes. Virtually all tourists and business travelers meet the requirements to use an ETA; nevertheless, it’s advised to read this page closely before submitting an application.

Who is the ETA meant for?

All travelers that wish to enter Sri Lanka are required to possess at least one of the documents listed below:

  • An ETA Sri Lanka
  • A Sri Lanka visa
  • A passport issued by Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles or Singapore

Of the abovementioned 3 possibilities, the ETA can be acquired the easiest. Virtually all tourists and business travelers going to Sri Lanka for less than 30 days can make use of this electronic travel authorization.

What is the difference between an ETA and a visa?

ETA is an abbreviation and stands for “Electronic Travel Authorization”. It is best compared to a visa, which is why it's often referred to as such. Strictly speaking, however, it is not. A visa can only be applied on the passport at the Sri Lanka embassy, while an ETA Sri Lanka can be easily acquired online through the online application form on this website. After approval, the traveler receives a PDF-document, which needs to be printed and taken along.

No visit needs to be made to the embassy to get an ETA. Aside from the way it looks (a digital document instead of a physical one), the ETA works exactly like a visa; it provides the traveler with an authorization to travel to Sri Lanka.

Open the ETA application form

When can the ETA be used?

For business trips and tourists that want to travel to Sri Lanka, an ETA suffices if:

  • The stay in Sri Lanka is less than 30 days *
  • No employment is entered with a company
  • The traveler is not a journalist or media producer

* An ETA can potentially be extended by 90 days on arrival.

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Are there further requirements to apply for an ETA?

Aside from the abovementioned requirements which specifically apply to an ETA, there are a number of general rules that all travelers have to meet, regardless of if they possess a visa or ETA Sri Lanka. All travelers that do not have the Sri Lankan nationality need to be able to provide the following on arrival:

  • A flight ticket for the trip home
  • A passport with more than 6 months of remaining validity
  • Proof that there are sufficient financial means to complete the journey (a bank transcript is enough)

What else do I need to know about the ETA Sri Lanka?

Above we summed up the most important aspects about the ETA Sri Lanka, but this website holds a lot more information about the ETA. Read about the requirements and about the validity term. Travelers that do not meet the requirements or want to stay in Sri Lanka than is allowed with an ETA, can apply for a visa. This cannot be done through this website, but more information can be found here about the different visa types for Sri Lanka. Should questions be left unanswered after reading these pages, consult the page with frequently asked questions.