To apply for the Kenya visa online, the digital application form needs to be filled in. Read here how you can fill in the form. This can be done for one or several persons at once. Do this at least a week before departure, preferably several weeks before.

Step by step explanation on how to submit the Kenya visa application

In this article you will be guided step by step through the visa application process for Kenya. The procedure consists of three parts:

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1. Gather the required information

Before you start filling in the form, it is wise to gather some information. This way, the form in the next step can be filled in quickly. If a group application is submitted, less information needs to be provided. It is therefore wise to make use of this when traveling with a group.

Required per application
Regardless of the number of persons for which a Kenya visa is applied for at once in a single form, the following information is required once only:

  • Contact information of the applicant
  • Date of arrival in Kenya
  • Location of arrival (airport, harbor or border crossing)
  • Date of departure from Kenya
  • Travel purpose (tourist, business, …)
  • Name, address and e-mail address of the first overnight location

Required per person
After the above mentioned information has been filled out once, multiple traveler can be added to the form. Per traveler it is required to fill in the following information:

  • Passport information
  • Function title (profession)
  • Names of the parents of the traveler
  • Travel history of the past 3 months
  • Description of any previous trips to Kenya
  • Two safety statements *

* This concerns questions which the government of Kenya asks to make an estimate on the risks involved with allowing the traveler entry into the country. It is asked whether the traveler was ever denied access to a country before and if they have ever been criminally convicted.

2. Fill in the Kenya visa application form

When all the above information has been collected for all persons for whom a visa Kenya will be applied for, the application form can be opened by pressing the button below:
Open the Kenya visa application form

In the form, you will be asked for the information as mentioned earlier in this article. First the contact information and the travel details, and then the personal information. The personal information needs to be filled in separately for each traveler. When the form is opened, several input field for the first traveler are displayed. The form can be expanded for fellow travelers by pressing the button ‘Add a traveller” at the bottom.

3. Check the information and select the payment method

When all data in the application form for the Kenya visa have been filled in, you can click on 'Apply for visa' at the bottom of the page. The page that will then open is the control page. Here, all of the filled in information will be displayed again. It is important to closely read all of the information to correct any mistakes. Pay extra attention to the passport number and other information copied from the passport. Control of the Kenya visa is based on the passport number; if it is not copied 100% correctly it can lead to the traveler not being able to pass the passport control after arrival in Kenya.

Once all of the filled correction is correct, the desired payment method can be selected at the bottom of the control page. A choice can be made between Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Regardless of the chosen payment method, no transaction costs are charged.

4. Making the payment and providing the files

After selecting the desired payment method, you will be forwarded towards the payment environment of your bank. After completing the payment you return to this website. Next, each traveler for whom a Kenya visa is being applied for will be asked to upload three documents:

  • A passport scan
  • A passport photo
  • A booking confirmation

The passport scan needs to contain the information card which shows the name and passport photo of the traveler. This passport photo needs to be in colour and cannot be a cutout of the photo of the passport.

The booking confirmation can be one of the following three documents (of choice):

  • A confirmation of the booking of the transit or return flight out of Kenya
  • A confirmation of the booking of a hotel, camping, resort or other accommodation in Kenya
  • A letter of invitation from a Kenyan organisation or a person with the Kenyan nationality

After uploading these files the application is processed immediately.

5. Receive the Kenya visa

On average two working days after uploading all necessary documents as described above, the Kenya visa is granted by the immigration office. As soon as this happens, you receive an e-mail and a text message. In the e-mail is a link with which the Kenya visa can be downloaded. It is important that the visa is printed and that each traveler carries their own visa with their passport during the trip to Kenya.