To travel to Kenya with your visa, you need to meet all of the Kenya visa requirements; check this before departure. If you don’t meet these requirements you will be stopped on arrival, can be deported from the country, and it can lead to being denied future visa applications for Kenya.

Requirements for the trip to Kenya

The regular electronic visa for Kenya which can be applied for through this website can only be used for tourist or business purposes (holidays and business trips), and for medical trips. Both the Kenya tourist visa and the business visa have a certain validity period. More information about the way in which this term is calculated can be found on the page on the validity of the Kenya visa.


First book the flights and an accommodation, then apply for the visa
Applications for the Kenya visa that are submitted through this website are very rarely rejected, although this can never be guaranteed beforehand. Because of this, it’s not a major risk to already book the flights and (at least one) overnight stay before applying. This is also necessary, as the expected date of arrival and departure, as well as the address information of the first overnight stay need to be filled out in the application form of the visa.


Submit at least seven days before arrival
The visa for Kenya can take a few days to about a week from the moment the application has been submitted and the payment has been made. Make sure that you submit the application at least seven days before departure, or if possible even earlier.

Requirements for the passport

Only travelers with a valid passport can apply for the visa for Kenya; it is not possible to submit an application with a residence permit or another type of travel document. The passport also needs to be valid for at least six more months from the moment of arrival in Kenya, in order to meet the requirements for the visa. Furthermore, it needs to contain at least one empty page, so that a stamp can be placed on arrival and departure by the immigration clerk.

Requirements for working and business trips

Working in Kenya with a visa that can be applied for online is only permitted if it concerns a business trip during which the traveler doesn’t enter into service with the organisation being visited in Kenya. Travelers that do plan to do this need to apply for a special work permit.

Requirements for the location of arrival

One of the requirements tied to the visa for Kenya is that travelers can only arrive in the country at the location where a control post is stationed. This includes most airports, harbors and border crossing. It is highly recommended to check if your location of arrival falls under this.

Permitted locations of arrival by plane

  • Eldoret International Airport (EDL)
  • Garisa Airstrip (GAS)
  • Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO)
  • Kisumu Airport (KIS)
  • Lamu Airport (LAU)
  • Lokichogio Airport (LKG)
  • Malindi Airport (MYD)
  • Moi Airport Mombasa (MBA)
  • Wajir International Airport (WJR)
  • Wilson Airport (WIL)

Permitted locations of arrival by sea

  • Kilindini Sea Port, Mombasa
  • Kisumu
  • Kuinga
  • Lamu
  • Malindi
  • Mbita Point, Nyanza
  • Muhuru Bay, Nyanza
  • Old Port, Mombasa
  • Shimoni
  • Vanga

Permitted locations of arrival by road

  • Busia
  • Isebania
  • Liboi
  • Loitokitok
  • Lungalunga
  • Malaba
  • Mandera
  • Moyale
  • Nadapal
  • Namanga
  • Taveta

Masai (people)Masai; nomad people in Kenya

Take along on trip

To meet the Kenya visa requirements, travelers need to carry a number of documents with them during their trip. These need to be kept with the hand luggage, so that they can be handed over to the employees of the immigration service and other authorities at any time. This concerns the following documents:

The passport of the traveler
This needs to be the same passport that was used while applying for the Kenya visa; the visa check takes place based on the passport number. Is the passport not valid for the entire trip? If a new passport is acquired, a new visa application needs to be submitted alongside it.

Booking the flights
Travelers need to print and take along all bookings of flights, into and out of Kenya, with them on their trip.

Booking of the first overnight stay
It is not necessary to have booked all hotels or other accommodations before departure. However, at least the first overnight stay must have been booked. The confirmation of this booking needs to be printed and taken along to Kenya.


Three groups of travelers are exempted from the Kenya visa obligation. They can enter the country by only carrying a passport with them which meets the requirements described above. This concerns:

  • Travelers that are 15 years or younger and are traveling with their parents
  • Travelers with a passport that was issued by a number of exempt countries *
  • Travelers that are only making a transfer or transit in Kenya and are not leaving the airport during

* Owners of a passport from one of the following countries don’t need a visa to enter Kenya: Barbados, Malawi, Belize, Malaysia, Botswana, Mauritius, St.Lucia, Brunei, Namibia, Swaziland, Burundi, Nauru, Tanzania, Cyprus, Papua New Guinea, the Bahama’s, Dominica, Rwanda, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Trinidad, Ghana, Seychelles, Tuvalu, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Jamaica, Singapore, Vanuatu, Solomon islands, Zambia, Lesotho, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Do you meet the requirements?

Travelers that meet all of the requirements mentioned on this page can make use of the Kenya visa, and can easily submit their application online through the digital application form: Apply for the Kenya visa now