Myanmar has faced very strict measures against Covid-19 in the last few years. It was only starting 1 July 2023 that inbound travellers no longer have to show a negative test or prove they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. However, a number of Covid-19 measures are still in force and applying for a Myanmar visa is also still mandatory.

Remaining Covid-19 measures for travel to Myanmar

Myanmar has maintained a very strict coronavirus policy. Until 1 July 2023, all travellers wishing to visit the country had to be fully vaccinated or provide a current negative test. However, since then the vaccination status of incoming travellers is not controlled anymore. Also, travellers are no longer required to be tested for Covid-19 before departure. Since 1 March 2024, travellers should still consider the following measures against Covid-19:

  • Upon arrival in Myanmar, your body temperature will be measured.
  • If you experience symptoms of Covid-19 upon arrival or during your trip, you should report to health services immediately.
  • You should follow the instructions of the local health authorities. Please note that the cost of any Covid-19 testing, isolation at a designated location and medical treatment will be at your own expense.
  • You are advised to purchase health insurance that covers (also) the cost of possible coronavirus treatment in Myanmar.

In addition to complying with these measures, you must also have a valid Myanmar visa.

Getting the right health insurance

For a trip to Myanmar, you not only need a visa, but you must also have supplementary health insurance. This insurance should cover the cost of possible Covid-19 related treatment in Myanmar. Find out from your insurance company which insurance is best for this purpose. It is important to bring proof during your trip that you have actually taken out this insurance. If you cannot provide sufficient proof of this additional insurance on arrival in Myanmar, you will be obliged to take out insurance in Myanmar locally.

If you become ill in Myanmar

Upon arrival in Myanmar, your body temperature will be measured. If you have an elevation or fever, you may be required to take a covid test at the airport. If the result of this test is positive, there is a chance that you may have to be placed in isolation in a quarantine hotel chosen by the local health authorities. The costs of both the test and quarantine are at your own expense, unless you have insurance to cover them.

If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 at any time during your stay in Myanmar, you should contact the local health authorities. You will then receive instructions on what to do in that situation. You are strongly advised to follow these instructions, as failure to do so may have criminal consequences.

The coronavirusCovid-19 in Myanmar: the number of infections has been kept under control for some time

The Myanmar visa

The remaining measures against the coronavirus are not the only thing you need to consider when travelling to Myanmar. There is also a general visa requirement for Myanmar. The easiest way to comply with this is to apply for the required visa online. The online application can be easily completed from home within minutes. If your application is approved, you will receive the e-visa by email. You will then be allowed to spend up to 28 days in Myanmar with the visa.
Apply for your Myanmar visa here

Other travel advice for Myanmar

Due to the coup that took place in Myanmar in early 2021, the political situation in the country is not completely stable. You are therefore advised to consult the current travel advice for Myanmar before departure. This way, you can avoid unsafe situations and unnecessary risks. As the security situation in the country can change quickly, it is wise to regularly check both the travel advice and the current corona measures in the period before departure. Also, during your stay in the country, make sure you stay informed about the security situation at your travel destination.

Return to the UK or Ireland

Even when travelling back to your home country, you should comply with the applicable COVID-19 measures. Are you travelling back to the UK or Ireland from abroad in 2024? If so, you no longer need to consider any measures against the coronavirus. You do not have to show a vaccination certificate or test certificate for the return journey. Filling in a health declaration or Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is also not mandatory. This applies to travellers of all nationalities travelling to Ireland or the UK.

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