News report | | 04/02/2022 | ±2 minutes reading time

The passport photo requirements to apply for your New-Zealand visa are very strict. This short guide tells you what you need to bear in mind to ensure your passport photo is not rejected.

Very strict rules

To apply for an NZeTA visa for New Zealand, you have to provide a passport photo after filling in the application form. This may sound easy, especially compared to the visa application procedures of other countries. For example, for the Kenya visa one has to upload four or five different documents. However, it can be difficult to upload the right passport photo for the New Zealand visa. This is because the New Zealand Immigration Service is very strict when it comes to inspecting passport photos, much stricter than countries like Kenya. There is a whole list of specific requirements that a passport photo must meet in order to be approved.

You do not need to worry about some of these requirements if you submit the application via this website. For example, the passport photo must have specific dimensions and a minimum and maximum file size. This is taken care of automatically when you upload the file to this website. If you submit your application elsewhere, you must ensure that the passport photo has the correct dimensions.

An overview of the most important rules

Below are some of the main conditions related to the passport photo that must be provided for the New-Zealand NZeTA visa. If any of these conditions are not met, the photo will be rejected.

  • It cannot be a photo of an existing photograph, or a photo of the passport. Selfies are not allowed, unless they meet all the requirements for photographs for a visa application.
  • (Sun)glasses and headgear are not allowed. If you do need glasses to take the photo, you must ensure that your eyes are clearly visible, without reflection. Religious headgear is allowed, as long as the face is fully visible.
  • The background should be evenly lit. Even your own shadow should not be visible.
  • Look straight ahead with your eyes open and your mouth closed. You must not smile or frown.
  • Visible clothing should be of an even colour.
  • The photo must be razor-sharp. If the photo is even slightly out of focus, it will be rejected.

What to do if your photo has been rejected?

If the submitted passport photo does not meet the requirements, it will be rejected. However, this does not mean that the visa application has been rejected, and you will not be able to obtain a visa. If you submit the application via this website, you will be given the opportunity to correct your mistake. You will receive an email with instructions to submit a better version, after which it will be re-approved. The application will not be processed until the passport photo meets all the requirements. From that moment on, the average delivery time of five days begins.

An approved passport photo does not mean that the visa will automatically be approved. It depends on the information in the application form. The New Zealand Immigration Service always retains the right to reject applications without giving a reason.

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