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To travel to Turkey as a British national, it is a mandatory requirement to apply for a visa for Turkey beforehand. Turkey’s modern digital e-visa has proven to a great success. Since the implementation of this electronic visa system on April 2013, no less than 16 million e-visas were issued by the Turkish government, according to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In less than four years 18.452.733 e-visa Turkey were applied for, of which roughly 88% were approved. On average, 17.000 e-visas were applied for per day by travellers headed to Turkey. As a British national, the chances of an e-visa Turkey application being approved are much higher than the average of 88%.

Top 10 applications

Most of the applications for a Turkey visa come from the following 10 countries:

England4.600.000 e-visas
Iraq1.980.000 e-visas
Netherlands1.800.000 e-visas
Belgium938.040 e-visas
Poland831.455 e-visas
America755.217 e-visas
Saudi-Arabia684.991 e-visas
Norway593.462 e-visas
Austria523.498 e-visas
China501.971 e-visas

E-visa Turkey benefits

In the past, it was necessary to buy a Turkey visa at the airport, leading to massive queues. To combat this, the government introduced the electronic visa (e-visa) which can be applied for entirely online. In record time, the queues were shortened. Once they arrive, travellers can now instantly start their holiday, rather than be forced to wait in line to get their visa.

E-visa application

Travellers headed to Turkey can very easily apply for their visa online. Applying only takes about 5 minutes and you will often receive the e-visa the same day. You can also pay safely and reliable through your own bank, in pounds.
Apply for a Turkey visa

Infographic e-visa Turkey

Number of Turkey visas per countryFacts and numbers e-visa Turkey

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