The ESTA cost consists of consular fees and application costs. Payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal is possible without any added surcharges, provided the application is submitted through the online ESTA form on this website.


The total ESTA cost is £29,95 per person. This price is all-included, meaning that consular fees, application costs, and service costs have already been included. There are no additional fees charged, regardless of the chosen payment method.

Additional ESTA cost with urgent applications

It is also possible to submit an urgent ESTA application. This can be done through the same ESTA form; all you need to do is check the box that says ‘urgent delivery’. The ESTA cost for an urgent application is £17,50 per person, this is added to the total cost of the ESTA of £29,95 as described above. Should you wish to travel to the USA today or tomorrow, it is advised to make use of the urgent application, so that you can receive your travel permit today.

ESTA kosten betalen met iDEAL

Safe and secure payment
This website offers a wide variety of payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Regardless of the chosen payment method, no additional fees are charged. All the prices on this website are all-inclusive, meaning that you will not be faced with any unwelcome surprises once you proceed to the payment page.

Complete the payment of your ESTA-application without transaction fees, using:
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Applying and paying with your smartphone

The ESTA cannot be applied for by telephone; you can, however, submit an application form with your smartphone. Simply go to the application form and fill it in as normal.

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