With an urgent application, the ESTA is generally granted within an hour. Does your flight to the United States leave within 72 hours and you still don’t have an ESTA (meaning)? Then it is advised to submit an ESTA application as quickly as possible, and to select the ‘urgent delivery’ option on the form.

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When is an urgent application necessary?

When to submit an urgent application

When to submit an urgent application?
The American immigration service advises travellers to apply for an ESTA as soon as they have decided to fly to the United States. Because the ESTA is valid for two years, it is perfectly fine if the validity period of the ESTA begins a bit earlier than the traveller actually requires it to. Nonetheless, it can always occur that travellers require an ESTA at the very last minute. For instance, because they had to book a last-minute business trip, or they didn’t know about the existence of the ESTA or simply forgot to arrange for one on time.
Considering the maximum period of 72 hours within which the American immigration service promises to process any submitted ESTA applications, this can become a problem. Urgent applications submitted through this website are processed on average within an hour. However, even with an urgent application, there is no absolute guarantee that the ESTA will be granted on time.

What is the difference between an urgent procedure and a regular procedure?

Applying for an urgent ESTA can be done through this website in the same way as one would submit a regular application. In the form, select the option ‘urgent delivery’ to make use of the urgent application procedure. Urgent procedures are given priority with regards to processing, allowing them to be granted within an hour on average. Start an urgent application by opening the ESTA application form. In the form, check the option ‘urgent delivery’, which is located at the ‘date of arrival’ field. An additional fee of £17,50 is charged for an urgent application. This can be met alongside the standard ESTA cost (£29,95) through Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal. Payment by bank transfer is not possible, as processing bank transfers takes at least a day, and that is time a traveller seeking an urgent ESTA cannot afford to lose.

How do I receive the ESTA?

An ESTA is not an actual document, but a travel authorization. As such, no ESTA document will be sent to you (regardless of the procedure type chosen); a confirmation will be sent by email if it has been granted. This confirmation can be downloaded as a PDF file. It is not necessary to print this document, as you will not be asked for it at the airport.

However, both during check-in as well as well as boarding of a plane or ship to the United States, each traveller will be checked for a valid ESTA. This happens through a digital link between the airline/shipping company and the American immigration service. As soon as the ESTA has been granted, the passport number is placed in the database of the US Customs and Border Protection agency. Airline and shipping companies have access to this database and check for each traveller whether their passportnumber is listed in it. If this is not the case, the transport company cannot allow the traveller to enter the plane or (cruise) ship to the United States.

Even when urgent: pay attention!

Pay attention with an urgent ESTA

Urgent ESTA
In urgent need of an ESTA? The application procedure can be ran through quickly. If you have all the information at hand, an application can be submitted in five minutes. A mistake can be easily made, however, and can have unfortunate consequences. If even a single question is answered incorrectly, this can mean that the ESTA is denied or declared invalid. This can lead to you being refused entry to your flight to the United States of America.

Denied ESTA
In case incorrect information is (intentionally) filled in during the ESTA application process, this can result in a rejection. This can happen, for instance, if the applicant lies about their criminal past. Has an urgent ESTA been denied? Then it is no longer possible to submit a new application. This means that the traveller can only apply for a US visa, for which an appointment has to be made at the US embassy. That’s why it is prudent to make sure the application form is correctly and properly filled in, even if the application is urgent.

Invalid ESTA
Another possible outcome of (unintentionally) filling out the ESTA form wrongly is that the ESTA is in fact granted, but that upon boarding the plane or ship it is discovered that the ESTA is not valid. This can happen if, for instance, the passport number has been written down incorrectly in the ESTA form. In this scenario, a new application can be submitted immediately, as this is the only way to rectify such a mistake. The application cost has to be made anew, as well as the extra urgent fee.

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Applying for an urgent ESTA can be done quickly through this website. On the application form, don’t forget to check the option ‘urgent delivery’, and make the payment immediately. In exceptional cases, it can occur that the American immigration service manually processes the application. In these cases, even an urgent application can take longer. Nevertheless, urgent ESTA application are granted on average within an hour.

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