The cost of the eTA Canada is £19.95 per person. This is the total price, including all consular costs and service costs. No transaction costs or any other added fees are charged. The eTA can be easily applied for with this application form.

Pay for the cost with reliable payment methods

The cost of the eTA Canada can be easily and safely paid for with the familiar payment methods. Regardless of the chosen payment method, your application will be processed quickly. This website offers various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. No transaction costs are charged for each of these payment methods. Furthermore, all prices on this page include all necessary service costs and consular costs. The only time an added fee is charged is if you choose for an urgent delivery of your eTA Canada.

The cost of the eTA Canada, £19.95 per person, can be easily paid for online with:
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What does the eTA cost consist of?

The total cost for acquiring an eTA consists of a number of items, including consular costs, service costs, costs for error checking, digital processing/issuing and customer support. All these fees are included in the total price of £19.95 per eTA. This price for business travellers and tourists is the same. It also does not matter if you actually want to stay in Canada, or whether you only need the eTA for a transfer in Canada.

eTA Canada: no exchange rate surcharges when paying

Direct payment in pounds
Although the Canadian immigration service uses prices in Canadian dollars, if you use this eTA form you will always pay in pounds. The prices mentioned on this page are therefore also in pounds and not Canadian dollars. By paying in pounds, you are not dependant on exchange rate fluctuations and you will not pay any exchange rate surcharges.

Cost urgent eTA Canada

If you are in urgent need of an eTA Canada, this can be indicated in the application form. By checking the option "urgent delivery" in the form, the average delivery time is shortened from 72 hours to 18 minutes. This is realised by performing the error check much faster and processing the application almost immediately. However, an urgent delivery does not offer any guarantees that the eTA Canada is acquired on time, or within a certain time period. In exceptional cases, even an urgent application can be subject to sampling. Additional questions might also be asked, for instance if the immigration service (rightly or wrongly) suspects that you did not fill in the form truthfully. For urgent deliveries an added fee of £17.50 per person is charged.
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Refund of the application costs with rejections

In the exceptional case that an eTA application is rejected, this is likely the result of the travel history of the applicant. Travellers that have had trouble entering Canada before, or when applying for a visa or eTA are at a higher risk of being rejected. The same applies to people that lived in Canada are still officially registered there, even if they are not aware of this themselves. If your eTA application is rejected, you are refunded the full cost of the eTA. However, this does not apply to applicants who already had an application rejected before.