Check before applying for your eTA Canada whether you meet all of the requirements set by the Canadian immigration service. This way, you prevent any trouble during check-in. You can only check in after receiving a confirmation of the approval of your eTA application.

Requirements regarding the trip

The following requirements of the eTA Canada are related to the trip:

  • It concerns a business trip, a holiday, a student trip or a visit to family or friends
  • The stay in Canada lasts a maximum of six months *
  • The eTA has to be approved before the traveller checks in for the flight to Canada

* Should the Canadian immigration service see any cause to do so, it can decide upon travelling into Canada that you can only stay in Canada for less than six months. This happens extremely rarely, mostly when it is expected that you do not possess the financial means to stay in Canada for six months. Read more about the validity of the eTA.

Are you going to work in Canada?
Then you also need to meet the requirements to work in Canada.

Are you going to study in Canada?
Then you also need to meet the eTA requirements for studying in Canada.

Esdoornblad in de vlag van CanadaThe maple leaf is the symbol of the Canadian flag

Requirements concerning the traveller

In order to apply for an eTA, you cannot be registered as a Canadian state citizen. Many people who lived in Canada in the past still officially retain the status of state citizens, even if their Canadian passport or residence card has long since expired. In that case, you must first officially retract this status or apply for a new Canadian passport or a PR card.

The purpose of the eTA is barring any unwanted travellers. This includes people who:

  • Pose a threat to the safety, public health and law enforcement of Canada
  • Could possibly exert a negative influence on a political issue
  • Do not possess sufficient financial means to afford the stay

Apart from that, the following requirements apply:

  • You already possess a ticket for a transit or a return flight
  • The eTA form has been filled in truthfully and completely
  • You have not been diagnosed or been in contact with tuberculosis in the past two years
  • You do not have untreated syphilis, a drug addiction, an alcohol addition, or a mental illness with psychosis
  • You have never been denied a visa application for Canada or another country prior to the current one*
  • You do possess a criminal record and have never stood trial for a crime**

* This does not include the eTA. If an earlier application for the eTA Canada was denied, you can still submit a new application. This new application might then be approved, for instance if you made a mistake during your first application, which you rectified in the new one.
** Traffic tickets do not count unless the traffic violation resulted in a criminal record.

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Passport requirements

Your passport needs to be valid for your entire stay in Canada, plus at least one extra day after you leave. Does this mean you need to apply for a new passport? Only apply for an eTA after you receive your new passport. The validity of the eTA expires the moment the passport with which it was applied for expires. This also applies to children; they each need to possess their own passport and eTA in order to travel to Canada.

Nationalities that can apply for an eTA

Check if your nationality qualifies for an eTA
To apply for an eTA you need to possess a passport that was issued by one of the so-called visa-exempt countries. The UK falls under this, as do most European countries. Check the full list of nationalities that qualify for an eTA.

Don’t have a passport because you have a residence permit? Then you cannot apply for an eTA; you will need a visa.


Apart from the requirements mentioned on this page, it is important that the eTA is valid for the entirety of your stay in Canada. Read more about validity of the eTA.

Don’t meet all the requirements?

If you do not meet all the requirements concerning the eTA, you will need to apply for a visa in order to still travel to Canada.