Can you study in Canada with an eTA or do you have to apply for a visa or study permit? The requirements for an eTA depend on how long you wish to study. On this page you can read everything regarding the rules concerning studying in Canada.

Studying in CanadaStudying in Canada

eTA always required, even for studying in Canada

Every traveller flying to Canada that is not a Canadian or American citizen needs an eTA. This also applies to travellers wishing to study in Canada. However, not everyone needs to submit the application themselves. Travellers that possess a study permit usually also automatically possess an eTA. This is because starting in 2015, these are automatically granted to everyone who is issued a study permit by the Canadian government. Also check the eTA requirements.

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Study permit not always necessary

In contrast to the eTA Canada, it is not always necessary to have a study permit in your possessions in order to study in Canada. Only if the stay lasts longer than six months is a study permit required. In those cases, the maximum duration of stay is equal to the length of the study, plus 90 days. If a study delay is suffered, it is possible to ask for an extension. If the study concludes earlier than planned, the study permit expires earlier as well (regardless of the date mentioned on the permit).

Study permit application more complicated than eTA

Study permit application more complicated than eTA
Applying for a study permit is more expensive and takes more time than applying for an eTA. For instance, with a study permit you are only allowed to study at an educational institution which is on the list of "Designated Learning Institutions" (DLI’s). You have to be able to prove this by providing a letter of invitation from the concerning educational institution during the application for the study permit. As none of this is required with an eTA, it is advised to only file for a study permit if you plan to stay in Canada for longer than six months.

Leaving the country during the study in Canada

In certain cases, it might be necessary to apply for a new eTA if you leave Canada during your studies. This is the case if the traveller acquires a new passport, or if their name changes (for example, due to a wedding or divorce).