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If your application has been approved and you have received your Kenya visa, always check whether the details on the visa are correct. Some information in the application form can be automatically corrected if necessary, but this does not apply to all details. It is therefore very important that you fill out the form accurately.

Keep up-to-date on the status of your application

One of the advantages of applying for the Kenya visa via is that you are informed about the status of your application. You receive at least three emails regarding the process of your visa application. It is therefore essential that you correctly fill in your contact details in the application form and then check them carefully.

If you do not have access to the email address you filled in or if you made a mistake filling in your email address, you can still use your order number to look up your personal status page with the status of your application. The order number consists of 14 characters and starts with the letter K (for Kenya). If you do not have access to your email, you can find this number in the texts you received from, among others. In addition, the number is mentioned in the first part of the description of your payment for your visa application.

Checking details in the application form

Before submitting your application, carefully check not only the contact details but also all the other details you have filled in. Some errors can result in an invalid visa. Once you have submitted all the required documents, your application is processed almost immediately. From that moment on, it is no longer possible to correct any mistakes.

Check the details on the visa

In addition to checking the details before you submit the application form, checking the details on the approved visa is also very important. If you made an error in your passport details, for example, the visa will be invalid, even if it was granted. Other errors or changes in your arrival date or accommodation, for example, are not a problem in relation to the validity. If you discover an error that will affect the validity of your visa after it is granted, applying for a new visa is the only solution.

Automatic correction of names spelled with one or more accents

In the application form, you have to fill in both your first and last name in the spelling used at the bottom of the information page of your passport. You can find the correct spelling of your names between the “<<<” symbols.

The computer system of the Kenyan immigration service cannot handle special characters and accents very well. If you have special characters in your first or last name, such as letters with accents (such as an é or ü), and apply for your visa via, your name is automatically changed to the correct spelling before your visa application is sent to the immigration service. In addition, the names you enter in the form will be capitalised on the visa. If, for example, you have the letter ‘ü’ (with an umlaut) in your name, this letter will be automatically changed to the letter combination ‘UE’, so in the correct spelling and in capitals.

Application form spelling of address names with accents

Is the street name or place name in your address details spelled with one or more accents? If so, please do not copy the accented spelling. As applies for the traveller's name details, a spelling with accents cannot be used when filling out the application form. Only for the spelling of names in your address, you could simply ignore the accents in copying the letters unaccented. Please note that letters with the original accent in the address details (only) will always have to be manually changed if a different unaccented spelling is preferred. However, this should be done in a similar fashion to the automated changes already described above for the traveller's name details. This way, an 'æ' or 'Æ' should be changed to 'AE' and an 'ö' as 'OE'.

Travelling to Kenya with your visa

However, other details you enter in the application form have to be completely correct for the visa to be valid. These include your name (which must be written at the bottom of your passport), the issue and expiry date of your passport, your gender and your nationality. If all the important details are correct on your visa and you meet all the requirements of the visa for a trip to Kenya, you can leave for Kenya without any problems.

Details of accompanying children

Children under the age of 16 at the time of arrival in Kenya do not require their own visa. However, they must have a valid passport. In addition, for all children under the age of 18, the details of a co-travelling parent must be added to the visa application. This information about accompanying minors is never included on the parent’s visa.

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