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Myanmar is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. The many sights to see in the Southeast Asian country make it a very special place. Myanmar has not been a tourist country for that long. Tourists have only been able to travel to the country since 2011.

Myanmar is a country that appears to be completely insulated from outside influence. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, barely any traces of western influence can be found. Men and women often wear traditional clothes. Travelling to this country is worth it just to experience this in person, but you require a Myanmar visa to do so.

Facts about Myanmar

Men in Myanmar wear a cylindrical sheet of cloth around the waist, known as a longyi. Women and children make use of a light-yellow make-up, called thanakha. There are other things that could be of interest to tourists. In this article we tackle subjects like the best time to travel to Myanmar, usage of cellphones, credit cards, the time difference and travel limitations. Before the trip begins, you are always required to apply for a Myanmar visa. This is a mandatory travel requirement.

When to travel to Myanmar?

By far the best time to travel to Myanmar is between November and March. During the summer months, it can get exceedingly warm in Myanmar. From November to March, it’s cooler and there is barely any rain. Keep in mind that the period between May and October has a lot of rainfall and can get quite humid. From February to May, it’s very hot and the rainy season starts.

Mobile phones in Myanmar

Although time might sometimes appear to have stopped in Myanmar, you can still use the mobile phone network in the country just as you are used to in other countries. Like western countries, Myanmar has 4G. Due to the dense population, not all areas might have reach. The Wifi connection isn’t always optimal. A sim-card of 10GB is oftentimes valid for thirty days. This is cheaper than making use of your own provider.

Pin and using credit cards in Myanmar

Pinning is becoming increasingly normal in Myanmar. This means it’s possible to make use of both a debit card or a credit card in Myanmar. In the past, it would have been wise to bring cash money, but this is becoming less so the case. If you want to have all of your bases covered for your trip, you could always consider bringing (a small amount of) cash money.

Practical tips

In Myanmar, there is a time difference of 6.5 hours with the UK during the winter. During the summer, this difference lowers to 5.5 hours.

Furthermore, it is important that you take at least DTP vaccination and a Hepatitis A vaccination before leaving. If you are staying in Myanmar for longer than two weeks, you will need multiple vaccinations. Malaria can still be found in Myanmar, for instance.

The plugs and outlets are type C, D, F and G. This means that most UK plugs will fit in outlets in Myanmar. Bring a universal plug just to be sure.

Travel limitations in Myanmar

Tourists are not welcome in all areas. There are areas were they are flatout forbidden from going, or only under strict supervision. The average tourist likely won’t notice too much of this, as all the major attractions are in areas where you are free to travel to. If you wish to travel to areas that are more remote, you would do well to closely follow the travel advice.

Apply for a Myanmar visa!

UK travellers are required to apply for a Myanmar visa if they wish to travel to Myanmar. Applying can be easily done online. Make sure that this is taken care off before departure. A Myanmar visa costs £79.95 per person.

It is an electronic travel document in which the government of Myanmar grants permission to enter the country. The actual visa is stamped into the passport on arrival in Myanmar. No extra fees need to be paid at the airport, all of the costs are included in the visa price. There are a limited number of arrival and departure locations where the visa is valid.

Urgent Myanmar visa application

Leaving for Myanmar short term and forgot to apply for a Myanmar visa? Submit an urgent application. To do this, check the ‘urgent’ option in the application form. The visa will then generally be granted within 24 hours, sometimes even within a few hours. Keep in mind that an additional fee of £15.00 per person applies.

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