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Those who want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, breathtaking sunsets, unparalleled hospitality, warm seawater and immense waves will find Hawaii the perfect destination. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, remember to apply for an ESTA before travelling to one of the volcanic islands.

State of Hawaii

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about 4,000 km south-west of the US mainland, lies Hawaii, the only US state consisting only of islands. The state of Hawaii comprises 137 volcanic islands, of which only 6 are inhabited. The state of Hawaii is named after the largest island in the archipelago. The other inhabited islands are Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai.

A direct flight from the United Kingdom to Hawaii takes at least 17 hours and is generally not cheap. The prices of an overnight stay in one of the accommodations in Hawaii are comparable to the prices of an overnight stay in cities like New York and San Francisco. You should therefore assume a price of about $200 a night (about £170). However, the number of visitors that the state welcomes each year shows that a stay in Hawaii is definitely worthwhile. Hawaii has everything for a dream holiday: delicious food, beautiful nature, friendly people, good weather, interesting history and wonderful beaches. Since the ESTA allows you to stay in Hawaii for up to 90 days, it is possible to visit more than one of the islands. The most popular islands among tourists are the main island of Hawaii, but also Oahu, Maui and Kauai.

Island of Hawaii

To distinguish the island of Hawaii from the state of the same name, the main island of the archipelago is also referred to as ‘the Big Island’. The entire state of Hawaii is of volcanic origin, and there are four volcanoes on the main island that are still active. A visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can admire black sand beaches, lava flows, steaming springs and enormous craters and caves, is an absolute must during a holiday in Hawaii. The island also has enormous waterfalls, including the 135-metre-high Akaka Falls in Akaka State Park.

Island of Oahu

The most touristic island of the Hawaiian archipelago is Oahu. Not only is the capital of the state of Hawaii, Honolulu, located on this island, but the most famous beach of the archipelago, Waikiki Beach, can also be found here. This beach is almost always crowded, as besides being a beautiful beach, it is also a famous surf spot. Waikiki Beach has white beaches, azure water with a pleasant temperature and swaying palm trees. The average maximum temperature here is around 28 degrees, which makes Oahu a perfect place for a relaxing beach holiday.

The island of Oahu is also known for its rich history. On December 7, 1941, it was the site of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which led directly to America’s involvement in World War II. Today, you can still take a small boat to the wreck of the USS Arizona, one of the battleships that sank in the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The islands of Maui and Kauai

Those who travel to Hawaii for the beautiful nature should definitely visit the islands of Maui and Kauai. Due to the amount of precipitation that falls here, these islands have beautiful natural landscapes. The island with the highest rainfall by far is Maui, but Kauai, as one of the rainiest areas on earth, also has breathtaking nature with beautiful landscapes and dense rainforests.

If you want to tour the most beautiful places on the island of Maui, it is a good idea to follow the Road to Hana, a road of more than 100 kilometres that runs along the north coast of Maui. For a magnificent view of the island of Kauai, the lookout points in Waimea Canyon State Park are the perfect places. The fact that it is possible to see so far into the distance is partly due to the fact that it is forbidden to build buildings higher than the palm trees. The highlight of Waimea Canyon State Park is, as the name suggests, Waimea Canyon. This canyon is 22 kilometres long and 1 kilometre deep and is sometimes called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Kauai IslandHawaiian island Kauai

ESTA application when visiting Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States of America. Travellers to the USA are only admitted if they have an ESTA or US visa. To submit a visa application, a visit to the embassy is required.

Applying for an ESTA is a lot easier and also cheaper than applying for a visa. To apply for an ESTA, you only need to fill in the online application form. After filling out the application form, the fees for the ESTA can be paid easily and securely online. It is possible to apply for an ESTA for several people at the same time using one form. European tourists and business travellers in most cases meet the ESTA requirements, but it is important to always check that all requirements are met before applying for an ESTA.

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