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Sometimes, due to mistakes made during the application, you may need to apply for a new ESTA. An ESTA that has been issued based on incorrect information is not valid. However, an ESTA that has recently been issued or a pending previous ESTA application can cause delays with a new application. In this article, you can read about when you must take action yourself.

Is there a mistake on your ESTA?

Has an ESTA been issued for your trip to the USA based on incorrect passport details? In that case, the ESTA is invalid, and you must apply for a new ESTA. In most cases, you can do this as soon as the previous application has been processed. To submit a new application or to correct or amend a previous application, you can use the button below:
Apply for your ESTA easily and quickly

Is the previous ESTA application still pending?

If a previously submitted application is still pending or an ESTA has recently been issued for the traveller in question, the new application may not yet have been forwarded to the US immigration service. This is due to the fact that only one application per person can be pending at the same time. Thus, except for a new application for the same person in the case of an amended or corrected passport number, the old application needs to be processed or removed from the system first.

Did you receive a message from saying that, because of this, your application has not yet been forwarded to the immigration service? Then we tried at least three times to send in your ESTA application for approval. You will not notice any of these attempts, but you will receive a message when it has not been possible to forward your application for more than a week or earlier if you leave for the USA within a week. This can also happen when a group application for multiple travellers is being processed and there is still an application pending for one or more travellers, or they have recently been issued an ESTA.

Need an ESTA quickly or are you leaving in less than a week?

Have you submitted a new application because, for example, your birthdate is incorrect on the ESTA that has already been issued? And you leave within a week? Because the immigration service can see that based on your passport number, an ESTA has recently been issued, your new application will probably not be processed immediately. In this case, contact the US Immigration Service at 001-202-325-8000. From the phone menu, sequentially select option 1, again option 1, then option 2 and then option 0. Then tell them you received the notification “Another application already exists” and ask whether your previous incorrect application can be deleted.

Keep in mind that calling the immigration service can only be done in English. After your call, your application will be processed automatically. The delivery time of the ESTA in this case will be a bit longer than average.

Travelling to the USA in more than a week?

Did you receive a message that we have not yet been able to forward your application, but you are travelling to the USA in more than a week? In most cases, it is not necessary to call the immigration service. Usually, a newly submitted application to correct a previous application will be processed within a week.

The average delivery time for an ESTA application is 3 days. The average delivery time for your urgent ESTA application is only 60 minutes. So if you have more than a week to spare, you do not need to worry. However, always check your e-mail in case you receive any messages about the status of your application and in case you still need to take action.

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