The total cost of the Cambodia (tourist) visa is £54,95 per traveler and can be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. These costs include consulary application and service costs and VAT. No transaction costs are charged either, regardless of the payment method chosen.

Which visa required?

There are different variants of the visa for Cambodia. However, the most used variant is the online variant, which is basically an electronic visa. It does not need to be picked up at the embassy in London, but is sent to you by e-mail. For tourists that are staying in Cambodia for less than 30 consecutive days, this variant is extremely suited. Aside from the easier application procedure the costs for the electronic Cambodia visa are a fair bit lower than that of the sticker variant which is affixed to the passport at the consulate.
Explanation about the Cambodia visa and apply

Visa cost

Cambodia visa cost
If you submit your Cambodia visa application online (that can be done through this website), the costs are £54,95 per traveler. Regardless of the chosen payment method, no additional costs are charged (not transaction costs, consulary costs, rate surcharges or other charges).

Cost urgent application

The Cambodia visa has a delivery time of several days. On average, delivery takes place on the third day after you completed the payment. Do you need the visa short term? Then you can make use of an urgent application. A fee of £17,50 per traveler is charged for this. Urgent application are almost always delivered within 24 hours. Due to the possibility of randomized extended checks, no guarantee can be given regarding delivery times.

Transaction costs

If you order your visa through this website, you can pay through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Regardless of the chosen payment method, no transaction costs are charged when purchasing through this website.

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