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Canada has dedicated itself to increased tourism in 2025. The tourists should mainly arrive in the low season.The country is primarily focusing on international tourists, which should lead to over a million visitors being drawn to Canadaʼs largest cities.

The plan to realise this was revealed in Montreal. The government is investing roughly 58,5 million Canadian dollars over two years, to make sure that the country gets more tourist hotspots. To travel to Canada as a British citizens (or any non-Canadian or US national) you need an eTA Canada, which can be applied for through

New strategy for more tourism in Canada

Canada has introduced a new plan to attract 25 percent more tourists for 2025. 58,5 million Canadian dollars are made available for that. The goal of this investment to eventually earn it back through tourism.

Canada wants to focus more on the Canadian tourist hotspots, to make sure that travellers also want to visit the country when the weather is less fair. Three of the four international visitors only visit the largest provinces, such as Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are also popular.

According to the Minister of tourism Mélanie Joly , there needs to be a growth of 25 percent in 2025. The growth is expressed in earnings through tourism. Roughly 128 billion Canadian dollars needs to have been raised, which would then be used to create 54.000 new jobs.

Tourism and Canada

Last year, Canada did not do badly as a tourist country. The country welcomed over 21,1 million international tourists. This was an improvement over last year, when about 20,9 million tourists visited the country.

Tourism is one of the most important pillars of the Canadian economy. About 102 billion Canadian dollars is made from it each year. 1,8 million people work in the tourist sector, which covers 2 percent of the gross national product. The east of Ontario is especially popular for culinary tourism, such as visiting wineries.

Travelling to Canada? Apply for an eTA

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You need an eTA for all trips to Canada. This includes holidays, but also for business trips, studies, visiting family or even if you are on transit through Canada. Only inhabitants of Canada and the USA that possess a valid passport do not need to apply for an eTA.

It is much cheaper to apply for an eTA Canada than a visa. For the visa, you need to visit the consulate, while an eTA can be easily applied for online. Travellers that cannot provide an eTA Canada at the airport are prevented from boarding. This also applies if you are only making a transfer in Canada. Keep that in mind.

Requirements eTA Canada

An eTA Canada is valid for five years after granting. If the passport expires earlier, the eTA Canada expires alongside it. That means that a new travel permit needs to be applied for. You can enter and leave Canada an unlimited number of times. Each visit can last a maximum of six months.

There are a number of requirements tied to the eTA Canada. For instance, the Canadian immigration service can always revoke or shorten an eTA if this in the interest of national security. Furthermore, travellers need to be able to provide a ticket for a transit or return flight on arrival in Canada. An eTA Canada is only mean for business trips, tourist trips, transfers, study purposes or visiting friends and family.

It is forbidden to enter into service with a Canadian employer, but it is permitted to go on a business trip for a British company.

Canada eTA application

Submitting a Canada eTA application can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Filling in the form takes about five minutes and is checked for any errors right after. It is possible that some things need to be corrected. It is still advised to closely check the Canada eTA application yourself. A Canada eTA applications costs £29.95 per person.

Urgent eTA Canada

The application is processed within 72 hours. It is recommended to apply for an eTA Canada several weeks before departure. In urgent need of an eTA Canada? Submit an urgent application. An eTA Canada is then often granted within 18 minutes.

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