News report | | 18/10/2017 | ±4 minutes reading time

Did you fill in your eTA application form and applied for your eTA? Then it will be processed right away. Generally, the application is approved the same day and you will receive a confirmation of your issued eTA by e-mail. However, it might occur that the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) requires additional information before the eTA is issued. Read here what you can do if this situation arises.

Causes and urgency

The odds that the IRCC asks for additional information is very small and can have various reasons. Most of the time, answering a few additional questions or providing a picture or scan of a document, such as the passport, is enough. However, the application procedure is put on hold until the required information (or documents) have been provided. It is therefore very important that you provide the additional information as quickly as possible, to make sure that you receive your eTA on time.

Step-by-step plan on providing additional information for eTA

Step 1: Generate your GCKey

f you received an e-mail asking you to provide additional information, you first need to generate a GCKey. This is necessary to see what information the IRCC requires from you. Generating a GCKey is done as follows:

  1. Go to this page
  2. On the page, under the button ‘Simple Secure Access’ press the blue button ‘Sign up’
  3. Next, click on ‘I accept’
  4. Create a username and click on ‘Continue’
  5. Create a password, fill it in twice and click on ‘Continue’
  6. Choose a recovery question, provide the answers for the recovery questions and click on ‘Continue’
  7. Click on ‘I accept’ and then on ‘Continue’

Step 2: Creating your IRCC account

You are then forwarded to the page where you can create an IRCC account. You can also open that page through this page . :

  1. At the bottom click on ‘I accept’
  2. Fill in your first name, last name and e-mail address, and choose the desired language
  3. In the next step, fill in four recovery questions with answers
  4. Create four extra recovery question and answers and click on ‘Continue’

Stap 3: Uw IRCC-account koppelen aan uw eTA-aanvraag

After completing the previous step, you are forwarded to the ‘My Information’ page of your IRCC account. Here, you can link your IRCC account to your eTA application:

  1. Click on ‘Link application to this account’ (under ‘What would you like to do today’)
  2. Select the category ‘Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)’
  3. Fill in your ‘Application Number’ (starts with a V, can be found in your e-mail)
  4. Fill in your full first names and last name, as filled in during the eTA application
  5. Fill in your passport information and click on ‘Continue’
  6. Click on ‘Search for my application’
  7. Click on ‘Link my application’
  8. Click on ‘Go to main account page’

Step 4: Check which information you need to provide

After linking your IRCC account to your eTA application, you are returned to the ‘My Information’ page. At the bottom of this page, you will find the running eTA application.

  1. Click on ‘Check status and messages’ or on ‘Check full application status’
  2. Under ‘Application Messages’ click on the blue arrow on the left
  3. Click on ‘View this message’
  4. Open the PDF files that will be automatically downloaded
  5. Read the letter to find out which information is required

Step 5: Providing the required information or documents

The required information can only be provided through your own IRCC account. It is not possible to send these by e-mail. Providing the additional information or documents works as follows.

  1. Provide the missing information in one of the following formats: .jpg, .doc, .docx or .pdf, maximum size of 4 MB per document
  2. If you are no longer logged in, log in through: this page
  3. Click on ‘Check status and messages’ (under ‘View my submitted applications or profiles)
  4. Click on ‘View submitted applications’
  5. Click on the button ‘Upload file’ and select the documents you wish to provide
  6. After the notification ‘Success uploading file’ has appeared click on ‘Return to your documents’
  7. Repeat the process for each file you need to upload with the button ‘Browse’
  8. After you have provided all the documents click on ‘Next’
  9. Fill in your name and the answer to the question
  10. Click on ‘Sign’ and then on ‘Transmit’

Your eTA application will now be processed again. if all the information was received in good order, you will receive your eTa travel permit by e-mail within 72 hours, but more likely the same day.