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Even if you are well-prepared, it can always happen that you make a mistake in the eTA Canada application form. However, this does not mean that your application is invalid. Find out if and when you need to reapply if you have made a mistake in your eTA application.

Rule of thumb: passport data 100% correct

Just as when applying for other types of visas and travel authorisations, it is very important that the passport details are entered correctly when applying for an eTA Canada. If you make a mistake when entering the passport details, you will almost certainly have to submit a new application. This is because the eTA is electronically linked to the passport details in the form. Even if the eTA is approved, you will not be allowed to travel to Canada. This is because you must present both your eTA and passport at the airport and if the two do not match, you will not be allowed to board the plane to Canada.

Here are some examples of common passport mistakes:

  • The full name is not on the eTA. If you have more than one first name (and they are all listed in your passport in the machine-readable section at the bottom), you must fill them all out.
  • Your gender is wrong on the eTA.
  • Your country of birth is incorrect on the eTA.
  • Your passport number, date of birth or passport expiry date is incorrect on the eTA.

In all of the above cases the eTA Canada is invalid. Once the application has been submitted, you cannot make any changes or corrections. The only option is to submit a new application with the correct information.

Exception for punctuation marks

You may think that your name is misspelled on the eTA, but that is not the case. This is usually due to the punctuation in your name. Many punctuation marks on letters, such as an ü, ä, ö or ç, are not accepted by the systems of the Canadian Immigration Service. The letters are automatically converted to the spelling in the machine-readable section at the bottom of the passport. As long as your name there matches the name on the eTA for Canada, the eTA is valid.

When is a new application not required?

There are, however, situations in which an error will not lead to problems. The eTA Canada form asks many questions about the trip to Canada and the traveller‘s background. While it is of course important that you fill in this information as accurately as possible, this information does not have to be 100% correct at all times. Below are some examples of incorrect information on the eTA Canada that do not require you to submit a new eTA application:

  • Your arrival date in Canada has changed. Please note that the eTA is valid for five years.
  • You have moved, but still live in the same country.
  • You have changed your employer or educational institution.

No errors and the eTA has been rejected?

It may happen that you have filled out the eTA Canada form correctly, but that the eTA is rejected. It is difficult to know the exact reason, as the Canadian Immigration Service never gives a reason for an application to be rejected. If you have indeed filled out all the passport details correctly in the eTA form, there is no point in submitting a new application. This will most likely be rejected as well. The only way to travel to Canada is by applying for a visa Canada. This takes longer and is more expensive than applying for an eTA.

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