For a trip to Egypt, you need a visa. In 2017, the Egyptian government decided to introduce an electronic visa system to make the application process easier. Since then, it has been possible to apply for the visa via an online form. This page explains the application process and what steps you need to follow to obtain the e-visa Egypt.

Which Egypt visa do I need?

There are several types of visas for Egypt. You can get a physical visa at the Egyptian consulate, which is applied directly onto your passport. A few years ago, a new visa system was introduced, which allows you to apply for the visa completely online. This so-called e-visa makes the application process significantly easier, as travellers no longer need to visit the Egyptian consulate, but can complete the entire application process online via their phone, tablet or laptop.

Do you have a passport from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland or another country from the European Union? Then you can apply for the e-visa Egypt for your holiday. Do you have a passport of another country? If so, check this page to see if you can use the e-visa for Egypt. The e-visa is only valid for holidays or for visiting family or friends in Egypt. Do you have another travel purpose? Then please contact the Egyptian consulate. You are also advised to check the requirements of the Egypt visa before submitting your visa application.

Two types of e-visa Egypt

There are two variants of the electronic visa for Egypt. The first variant is the single-entry visa. This visa is the most popular, because it is cheaper and is sufficient for most holidays to Egypt. The single-entry visa has a validity of 90 days and a maximum stay of 30 days. This means that with this visa type, you can travel to Egypt once within 90 days for a maximum stay of 30 days.

Would you like to travel to Egypt more than once within a six-month period? Then you can use the multiple-entry visa. Within the validity period of 180 days, the multiple-entry visa allows you to travel to Egypt as often as you want. Each consecutive stay may not exceed 30 days. This visa type gives you more freedom, because you can travel to Egypt several times, but the costs are also slightly higher than for the single-entry variant. You can choose which type of visa you want in the application form.
Open the application form for the Egypt visa

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Changing your travel plans after you have received your visa

You do not need to know your exact travel dates before you apply for your visa. However, the form must state an expected date of arrival in Egypt and an accommodation address. It is no problem if you arrive in Egypt a few weeks earlier or later than originally planned. In this case, you do not need to report any changes or inform the immigration service. However, your actual arrival date may not differ more than 30 days from your stated arrival date.

Once your visa has been granted, you may travel to Egypt within the next 90 days (or 180 days in the case of the multiple-entry variant). If you applied more than 30 days before your scheduled departure, your application will be processed exactly 30 days before your scheduled departure. This ensures that your entire trip falls within the validity period of the visa.

Applying for a visa for several people at once

It is possible to submit a visa application for several people at once. In the online form, you can add several travellers to your application. This way you save a lot of time, because you only have to fill in the travel data once. You may also fill in a visa application for another traveller. If you want to submit an application for another person, you will need the consent of that person.

Preparing data and documents

Before you start filling in the online application form, it is a good idea to collect some data and documents. This will allow you to go through the form carefully and quickly, without making any mistakes. You will be asked in the application form about your expected arrival and departure dates, and also about your accommodation in Egypt. It is therefore useful to have a brief outline of your travel plans at hand. In addition to your own contact details, you must also fill in the passport details of each traveller. Furthermore, you are asked for the marital status and current occupation. Have you been to Egypt before? Then you also need to fill in the arrival date, departure date and the address of residence of your previous trip to Egypt. Make sure that you have this information when you start filling in the application.

After filling in the form, you need to provide a scan or photo of each travellerʼs passport.

Filling in your application form

Once you have collected all the data and documents, you can open the application form and submit your visa application. Here are the steps to follow in order to submit your application.

Step 1 - Fill in contact details

In the first part of the Egypt visa application form, you must provide your contact details. You will be asked to enter your email address, mobile phone number and address. Are you applying for several people at once? You only need to provide this information once, even if your fellow travellers live at a different address. Do your fellow travellers live in a different country from yourself? In that case, your fellow travellers must submit a separate visa application.

Step 2 - Filling in travel details

In this part of the application form, you need to indicate your preliminary travel plans. It is not necessary that you have already planned your whole trip, but it is important that you already have an idea of when you will travel to Egypt. The form must also include the contact details of the place you are staying at in Egypt. These details do not have to correspond exactly to your actual travel dates, but can just be estimates. Your actual arrival date may differ from your expected arrival date by a maximum of 30 days. Your actual accommodation address may also differ from the one you indicated in the form.

Step 3 - Fill in passport details

Next, you come to the part where you have to provide the passport details of each traveller. This is the most important part of the Egypt visa application form. There must be absolutely no mistakes in this section, otherwise you could face problems entering Egypt. Fill in this information very carefully for each traveller and check several times if the information is 100% correct. After submitting your application, this information will be checked by the visa specialists of, but you remain responsible for the information provided.

Step 4 - Previous trips to Egypt

In the application form for the e-visa Egypt, you must indicate for each traveller whether he or she has been to Egypt before. Has the traveller never been to Egypt before? Then you do not have to provide any information. Has this traveller been to Egypt before? Then you must supply some information about the most recent trip to Egypt. In this case, you must indicate the travel dates and an accommodation address. You may also fill in an estimate of the previous arrival and departure dates. It is important that the month and year are correct. If you cannot remember the address of the previous stay, you may also choose a nearby address or fill in “UNKNOWN”.

Step 5 - Fill in the travellersʼ occupation

In addition to the details of a previous trip to Egypt, you must also indicate for each traveller what his or her occupation is. The job title must be filled in in English. Here you can also indicate that the traveller is a student, self-employed or unemployed.

Step 6 - Answering background questions

In the last section of the Egypt visa application form, you must truthfully answer three background questions. You can answer these questions with "Yes" or "No". These questions have the function of determining whether the traveller is eligible for the e-visa Egypt.

Finalising and submitting the visa application

Once you have completed the previous steps and added each fellow traveller to your form, you can submit the application via the green button “Apply for visa” at the bottom of the form. On the next page, you can check all the data again. Make sure that all passport details for each traveller are 100% correct. Once your application has been submitted, it is usually no longer possible to correct errors in the data.

After you have checked the data, you can choose a payment method and pay the fee for your application. You will then be directed to a page where you must provide a scan or photo of the passport of each traveller. Once these last documents have been provided, you can submit your visa application using the green button at the bottom of the page. Your application will then be processed. Are you leaving for Egypt in more than one month? Then your visa application will be put on hold until 30 days before your planned date of arrival, so that the validity of your visa has not yet expired when you travel.
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