Read all about the application procedure for the Egypt visa: the easiest way to get your visa for Egypt without having to go to the embassy.

Electronic Egypt visa

There are two types of Egypt visas. Before, only the physical visa existed, in the form of a sticker. This had to be applied for by going to the Egyptian embassy in person; there, the visa would be stamped in the passport. A few years ago, an electronic variant was introduced. This cheaper visa can be applied for online, and you do not need to go to the embassy to get it. Applying can be done entirely online through the digital application form. In short, you fill in the application form on this website, make the payment (with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal) and receive the Egypt visa by e-mail. On this page, you can read a step by step explanation on how to apply for the visa for Egypt through the online application form.

Check if you meet the requirements

If you are going on a holiday to Egypt and staying in the country for less than 30 days, you almost always meet the requirements. Regardless, it is important before submitting your application whether you meet all of the Egypt visa requirements.

Desert in EgyptNatural sights in Egypt; the desert

Gather information

You can open the online application form for the Egypt visa right away and answer all of the questions. However, it can be useful to gather some data beforehand, so that you can quickly and easily run through the form. You can apply for visas for yourself and all of your fellow travellers with a single application form. Make sure that you have the following information at hand for all travellers for whom you are applying visas:

  • The passport of each traveller
  • The function title of each traveller
  • The date of arrival in Egypt
  • The date of departure from Egypt
  • The contact information of your first overnight stay in Egypt *
  • Travel details of the last trip to Egypt **

* Did you book your trip to Egypt with an Egyptian travel organisation? Instead of the information of the hotel where you are staying, you can input the information of this Egyptian travel organisation. If you booked with an English travel organisation, you need to ask them for the Egyptian organisation that is being worked with. In that case, it is often easier to just fill in the hotel where you are staying.
** Only of the last trip which each traveller made to Egypt; the date of arrival, date of departure and the residence in Egypt need to be provided.

Start your visa application for Egypt

After you have checked whether you meet the requirements and have gathered the required information of all travellers, you can start the application for the visa for Egypt. This is done with the online application form, which you can find on this website. If you wish to apply for visas for multiple travellers at once, you can still use the same form. You can open the form by pressing the button below.

Open the form "Apply for Egypt visa"

Egypt visa application form

The application form for the Egypt visa consists of five parts. The first two parts (contact information and travel information) only need to be filled in once, even if you are applying for an Egypt visa for multiple people. The last three parts (passport information, general information and background questions) are filled in separately for each traveller. After you have filled in the information of the first traveller, press the button "add traveller" at the bottom of the page to expand the form with extra input fields.

Step 1: Contact information

First, fill in your contact information, since you are the person submitting the application. The person filled in here will operate as the contact person for the entire group. It is therefore not necessary to fill in the contact information for each traveller separately, even if all travellers do not share the same address. The phone number which you submit here will be the designated point of contact in case of any problems with the visa application; for instance, if it is believed that you made a mistake filling something in. After approval of the Egypt visa, an SMS is also sent to this phone number.

Contact information for the Egypt visaFill in contact information for the Egypt visa

Step 2: Travel information

The second step in the Egypt visa application form is filling in the travel information. These need to be the same for the entire group. In case this is not the same for each traveller, different applications need to be submitted. The travel information that is asked for concerns the country of departure, the arrival and departure date, and the number of trips. The country of departure means the country from which your first flight leaves. If, for example, you are flying from London to Paris and then to Egypt, you need to fill in England as your country of departure and not France.

The arrival date is not automatically similar to the starting date of the visa. If you submit the application for the Egypt visa within 30 days before departure, the application is processed immediately. As soon as your visa for Egypt is approved, it is valid for a period of 90 days. If you submit the application more than 30 days before departure, your application is put on hold until exactly 30 days before arrival. Usually, an application is approved within 2 to 7 days, after the processing has started.

This part of the application form also asks questions about your place of residence in Egypt. You can provide information of a hotel, resort, an Egyptian travel organisation or friends and family that will be visited. If you do not know which hotel you booked, perhaps because you made use of a travel organisation outside of Egypt that handled everything for you, enquire with the travel organisation for the name of the overnight residence or of a travel organisation in Egypt that will guide your trip there.

Fill in travel information for the Egypt visaFill in travel information for the Egypt visa

Step 3: Fill in passport information

The following passport details must be copied from the passport of each person travelling along. Make sure that you do not make any mistakes while copying the data; this can lead to an invalid visa.

Fill in passport information for the Egypt visaFill in passport information for the Egypt visa

Step 4: General information

A number of general questions need to be answered for each traveller. This concerns the marital status and possible previous nationalities. Has this traveller been to Egypt before? In that case, the date of arrival and departure at that time must also be filled in, as well as the last address of residence in Egypt. Is this information not known? Make an estimate of the date.

Fill in general information for the Egypt visaFill in general information for the Egypt visa

Step 5: Background questions

The final step in the Egypt visa application form is answering three background questions.

Background questions for the Egypt visaBackground questions for the Egypt visa

Step 6: Payment

After the entire Egypt visa application form has been filled in, press "apply for visa". Next, you will have the chance to check all information you see on the following page. See any mistakes? Correct them immediately. Is everything in order? Then you can select your payment method and pay for the Egypt visa cost.

Step 7: Upload passports

Before the application for the Egypt visa can be processed, you need to upload a scan or photo of the passport of each traveller for whom you are applying a visa. This can be easily done with our upload tool. Cannot figure it out? Contact our visa support centre, they are at your service and are there to make sure your application for the Egypt visa is always processed correctly.