Check before applying for the Egypt visa whether you meet all of the requirements set to usage of the visa. On this page you can find all of the visa requirements which you need to keep in mind.

Requirements for your passport

You can only apply for your visa for Egypt if your passport:

  • is valid for at least 8 more months from the moment you arrive in Egypt
  • is a regular passport, so not an emergency passport or residence document

Visa requirements Egypt

Aside from the above-mentioned two requirements for your passport, you also need to meet a number of other requirements in order to travel to Egypt with your visa. Firstly, you need to make a simple itinerary, print it and take it with you. Next, in the case that you are travelling to visit friends or family you need to provide a letter of invitation from them. And finally, you need to gather and take a number of documents on your trip.

Sahara in EgyptAbu Simbel, Egypt

Your itinerary

On arrival in Egypt, it can occur that an employee of the immigration service asks you to show an itinerary. Making, printing and bringing a simple itinerary is thus one of the requirements to travel to Egypt with your visa. Take note: keep the itinerary with your hand luggage, you might be asked for it before you are granted access to your checked-in luggage. The travel itinerary does not need to be extensive, a short overview of your booked flights and hotels suffices, including dates for which the flights and hotels have already been booked. If you did not print an overview but can hand over loose prints of all booked hotels and flights, then you also meet the visa requirements.

With visits to family and/or friends: invitation letter required

Are you not only going to Egypt on holiday, but also to visit family and/or friends? Then you need to have them write up an invitation letter. This can be a short letter; not many specific requirements are tied to it. Only that it needs to say who the person or persons are that wrote the invitation (with their complete name and address). The invitation letter also needs to state the complete name and address information of all of the travellers.

Take on trip

Take on your trip To make use of the Egypt visa, you need to bring a number of things in your hand luggage. Keep this at hand during your trip, so that if needed, you can hand it over to an employee of the Egyptian immigration service. It concerns the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • Your Egypt visa *
  • Your travel itinerary
  • If needed: a letter of invitation **

* You receive your Egypt visa digitally (e-visa) by e-mail. You are required to print it and take it with you to Egypt.
** You only need to bring a letter of invitation if you plan to visit family and/or friends in Egypt.

Requirements for travelling with children

It is, of course, allowed to go on a holiday to Egypt with children. However, remember that it is also mandatory for children to possess a visa. This applies to children, regardless of how young they are. Each child needs to possess a passport and a visa; being included in the passports of their parents is not enough. Are both parents/guardians not travelling along? Then an additional requirement applies; you need to be able to provide a signed declaration in English, stating that both parents/guardians provide permission for the trip.

Do you meet all the visa requirements?

Do you meet all of the above-mentioned Egypt visa requirements? Then you can submit an application right away through the application procedure.
Open the Egypt visa application form

Applying for the Egypt visa with your nationality

Do you not have British nationality?
The requirements on this page apply to travellers that hold a British citizen passport. If you have another nationality, you can check here whether the same rules and requirements apply to you and if you can also apply for the Egypt visa online.