On this page, you can read a step-by-step explanation on how to submit your Australia visa application online for your holiday, volunteer work trip, or business trip to Australia. The application procedure consists of four steps. First, you fill in the application form. Next, you make the payment for the visa cost. After that, you wait until the visa has been granted. Finally, you print it out and take it with you on your trip.

Australia visa application procedureAustralia visa application procedure

Preparation: what do you need for the application?

Before you begin filling in the application form for the Australia visa, it is important to get two things in order.

Make sure your trip meets the Australia visa requirements

Provided that the visa is granted, it is only valid if the requirements for the visa are met. It is therefore important to read up on these requirements beforehand, so that you are not confronted with any unwelcome surprises. The same applies to the validity period of the visa; here, too, the rules of the immigration service have to be kept in mind.
- Check here if your trip meets the Australia visa requirements
- Check here if your trip meets the validity period of the Australia visa

Gather the necessary documents

The Australia visa application procedure is relatively straightforward. During the application, you are only required to have your passport at hand, as well as the passports of any fellow travellers in case you wish to apply for a visa for them as well. It is not necessary to have already booked a flight ticket or overnight lodgings in Australia; you will not be asked for this information in the application form. If you submit a group application you will save valuable time, as you will not be required to fill in the contact and travel information for each individual traveller. Submitting a group application works in exactly the same way as filing an individual application; you can use the same visa form.

Filling in the Australia visa application form

Do you have your passport, and if needed the passports of all fellow travellers at hand, or in another way possess the passport information of the individuals you wish to submit a visa application for? Then you can begin the Australia visa application process.
Open the form "Australia visa application"

Form part 1: Contact information

The first part of the Australia visa application form consists of filling in your contact information. Are you submitting a group application? Then you only need to fill in the contact information once. All correspondence regarding the visa will happen through this contact information.

Application form: Step 1Application form: step 1

Form part 2: Travel details

The second part of the Australia visa application form concerns filling in your expected date of arrival and travel purpose. You will also be asked if you wish to make use of the urgent application procedure.

Application form: step 2Application form: step 2

Form part 3: Passport information

The third part of the visa form requires you to fill in the passport information of each traveller. Carefully write down the information; the smallest typing error can have grave consequences for your trip.

Application form: step 3Application form: step 3

Form part 4: Other questions

After the passport information has been written down, you will be asked a few more questions. These concern any possible other (old) names of travellers. You will also be asked for any current dual nationalities. Finally, you will be asked for a possible Visa Grant Number and/or Visa Label Number in case the traveller has been to Australia before.

Application form: step 4Application form: step 4

The Visa Grant Number is 13 digits long and can be found in the confirmation for the granting of the previous visa. Did you apply for, and receive, an Australia visa multiple times? Then it does not matter which Visa Grant Number you use.

Find the Visa Grant NumberFind Visa Grant Number

The Visa Label Number can be found in the passport with which you travelled to Australia the previous time. Only fill in the first 11 digits of the Visa Label Number. Were you granted a visa that did not enter into your passport as a physical label? Then you do not need to fill in the visa number.

Find the Visa Label NumberFind the Visa Label Number

Have you been to Australia before but cannot track down your Visa Grant Number and Visa Label Number any more? Leave these fields empty. This can, however, result in a slight delay in the processing of your visa application.

Form part 5: Background questions

In the final part of the Australia visa application form, several safety questions will be asked. These concern questions from which the Australian immigration service can discern whether you pose a possible threat to the safety, health, and law enforcement of the country.

Application form: Step 5Application form: step 5

Add travellers

You have now filled in the contact information and travel details of yourself, as well as the information of one additional traveller. Do you wish to submit an Australia visa application for multiple people? Click on the button "Add traveller". With this, several extra fields will appear, with which you can fill in the third, fourth, and fifth part of the form for any additional travellers journeying with the initial applicant.

Checking your application and payment

If you have filled in all the questions in the form, the hardest step of the Australia visa application procedure has been completed. At the bottom of the page, click on the button "Apply for Visa" to proceed to the control page. Here, all the filled in information will be summarised. It is prudent to double-check each field thoroughly for any possible mistakes. Did you see something that is not right? Click on "edit" to correct the relevant fields. When everything is in order, choose one of the payment methods at the bottom of the page and pay the required amount.

Wait for approval and print it out

After you have made the payment for the visa, it generally does not take longer than a few days before the Australia visa is granted. If you selected the option "urgent", in most cases the visa will be granted within an hour. As soon as the immigration service has approved your application, you will receive an email and a text message. In the email are instructions explaining how you can print your visa. Take your Australia visa with you on your trip, and carry it safely in your hand baggage.