Travelling to Australia within a week and still do not have a visa? Submit an urgent application. The delivery time for an urgent application is less than 60 minutes in 95% of the cases. Nevertheless it is advised to, if possible, submit the visa application a week or more before departure, so that there is plenty of time to arrange alternative travel authorisations in the rare case that the application is denied.

Urgent delivery Australia visa: usually within an hour

Roughly 95% of the visas for Australia submitted through the urgent procedure are granted within 1 hour after the is made. You will receive the confirmation of the approved visa by email. Print it out and take it with you on your trip, or make sure you can display it on your smartphone in the (rare) case you are asked to. You will also receive an SMS message immediately after the visa has been granted.

No guarantee on the delivery time, even when urgent

In the remaining 5% of the cases in which an urgent application is not awarded within 60 minutes, this is generally because the application has been chosen for a randomised extended screening by the Australian immigration service. Even though these expanded background checks almost never lead to a rejection of the Australia visa application, this can lead to a delay of several hours to several days. Read more about this on the page concerning the costs and delivery times of the Australia visa.
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Visa checks already take place before departure

The immigration services of most countries only check incoming travellers for a valid visa after arrival. The Australian immigration service, however, has a visa system that is linked to both the traveller’s passport as well as the information databases of the airlines. Because your airline has insight into the visa system of the Australian immigration service, it can check if you possess a valid visa when you check-in for your flight to Australia.

Visa control AustraliaRemember that you already need to possess your Australia visa before departure

The immigration service fines airlines if they allow passengers that do not possess the right travel documents to travel to Australia. Did you apply for an urgent visa moments before departure? Keep in mind that the visa has to be approved the moment you check-in, and not when you arrive at the passport check in Australia. As an extra safety precaution, on arrival, all tourists and business travellers are again checked for a valid visa for Australia.