Only after all of the Australia visa requirements have been met and the visa has been granted by the immigration service, can you travel to Australia. Make sure to read up before departure if you meet all of the Australia visa requirements, to avoid any trouble during check-in.

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Do I meet the Australia visa requirements?

The visa for Australia which can be applied for online (eVisitor) is suitable for most travellers. Below, you will find the most common reasons for travelling to Australia, along with specific explanations regarding the requirements for each of them. Aside from the specific terms described below, each traveller must meet the general requirements regarding health and criminal law. These conditions, as well as the passport requirements, can be found at the bottom of this page. Also make sure that your stay in Australia is not longer than the maximum validity period of the Australia visa.

- I'm going on a holiday to Australia

If you are going on a holiday to Australia and are staying for less than 3 months, you can use the visa which can be acquired through the Australia visa online application form. There are no specific requirements for the usage of the Australia tourist visa, but before applying make sure that you meet the general terms regarding health, conduct, and the passport requirements. These can be found at the bottom of this page.

- I am visiting friends and/or family in Australia

Visiting family or friends is also allowed with the online visa.

- I am following a study in Australia

Studying in AustraliaStudying in Australia

You are only allowed to use this visa if you are planning to follow a training or study lasting less than 3 months, otherwise you need to apply for a specific Australia student visa. Take note: these three months are separate from the duration of your stay in Australia. It is thus not permitted to follow a study lasting 4 months, spread over two different visits to the country. Despite in this case adhering to the visa rules concerning the maximum duration of your stay (3 months at a time), the study itself would then take more than 3 months, and thus cannot be pursued.

- I want to work for an Australian organisation

It is not permitted to enter into service at an Australian company without a specific work visa or a Working Holiday Visa , unless it concerns volunteer work (find the requirements below). You are, however, allowed to apply with Australian employers. You will just have to wait with actually starting your employment until you have the appropriate visa.

- I want to do volunteer work in Australia

This is allowed, provided that the volunteer works meets several conditions. Firstly, your primary reason for travelling to Australia must be tourism; you are allowed to do volunteer work, but this has to be subservient to the primary tourist purpose of your trip. Secondly, you are not allowed to perform volunteer work that would otherwise be performed by a paid Australian laborer. And lastly, the volunteer work must be 'unpaid'. This means that, while you are allowed to receive pocket money/a living allowance and receive shelter in return for the volunteer work, an hourly salary (regardless of its amount) it not allowed. Do you want to earn an hourly wage? Then you have to apply for a work visa.

- I want to go on a business trip to Australia.

Does your trip have a business-related puporse? This is only allowed if your trip to Australia concerns one of the following activies:

  • Meeting with potential business partners, including:
    • Networking and making acquaintances
    • Meetings and negotiations
    • Signing agreements
  • Attending fairs, seminars, conferences or conventions
  • Following a training/study
  • Performing market research

The primary requirement for a business visit with the eVisitor visa, is that the organisation you are visiting in Australia does not pay you for the activities you perform in Australia. You are, of course, allowed to be paid by your own employer back home for any activities performed for them while in Australia. Similarly, any activities you perform in Australia in this manner are allowed to generate money in the future, for example through an agreement signed during your stay there. Lastly, you are not allowed to sell goods or services to Australian consumers during your business trip.

- I want to travel to Australia with a child (minor)

Vacation in AustraliaVacation in Australia

Naturally, you are allowed to travel to Australia with children. The child must, however, possess their own passport and their own Australia visa. You can combine your own visa application with that of your child by filing as a group. This can be done by going to the bottom of the regular application form and pressing the button 'add traveller'. Take note: are you travelling with an underage child and both of the parents are not travelling alongside you? Then you have to take a signed declaration with you in which all parents and/or guardians grant permission to travel with the child.

- I want to change flights in Australia and not leave the airport during

Provided you have a passport issued by one of the countries listed at the bottom of this page, you do not have to apply for a visa for a change of flights/transit. Take note: you are not allowed to leave the airport during this period. Do you want to go past the passport control to (temporarily) leave the airport? Then you have to apply for a visa (the eVisitor suffices).

Australia visa requirements concerning health

No tuberculosis allowed

To protect her residents, the Australian government has implemented the requirement that incoming visitors cannot have tuberculosis. Do you have tuberculosis and still want to travel to Australia? Inquire at the Australian consulate for the possibilities. During the application process for the Australia visa you will be asked if you have tuberculosis. Even if you do not have tuberculosis at the time of the application, but contract it when you want to travel to Australia at a later date, your trip is not allowed without specific additional confirmation by the Australian immigration service.

Health insurance in Australia

The Australian government has struck an agreement with several European countries regarding medical care during their stay in Australia. European citizens can in some cases qualify for limited healthcare during their stay in Australia. This rule does not apply to all countries. It is thus prudent to investigate if your country has a pre-existing healthcare agreement with Australia, and to what degree your own insurance qualifies you for this aid. It is also recommended (if you are a European citizen) to apply for the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): while it does not always guarantee you automatic foreign medical aid (depending on your country), it can be used as proof that the traveller is properly insured in their own country, thus reducing any possible bureaucracy-related delays abroad. It is highly advised to make sure that your medical insurance is comprehensive and up-to-date before travelling to Australia. If your medical condition is not covered by either your own insurance or any potential healthcare agreements your country has with Australia, the cost of treatment can be exceedingly high.

Australia visa requirements concerning conduct

To qualify for the Australia visa, you also have to meet the requirements concerning conduct. This concerns criminal convictions. Regardless of if they have been served, the combined maximum duration of the sentences cannot exceed 12 months. It does not matter if the sentence has barred, or if it has been removed from the criminal record for a different reason.

Australia visa requirements concerning passports

Passport RequirementsPassport requirements for Australia

Only if you have a valid passport on your trip to Australia are you allowed to enter the country. The passport with which you enter has to be the same one you used during the visa application. This is because this passport is inseparably linked to the visa through use of the passport number. Additionally, the passport has to be valid for at least six more months. Does the passport expire earlier? Then the visa expires as well. You are then required to first file for a new passport and then, with your new passport, apply for a new visa. Are you receiving your new passport moments before leaving for Australia? Then you can submit an urgent Australia visa application.

Permitted countries

Permitted countries
Only if you possess a valid passport issued by one of the following countries are you allowed to apply for an Australia visa through this website: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungaria, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City.

Do you meet all of the Australia visa requirements?

If you and the intended purpose of your trip meet all of the Australia visa requirements listed on this page, you can start your application right away by pressing the green button:
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