There are various types of Australia visa. The eVisitor visa Australia is by far the most applied for variant; this type of visa is valid for 12 months, with each stay in the country being allowed to last a maximum of 3 months. It is possible, however, to travel to Australia an unlimited number of times with a single visa (for holiday or business) during the validity period of twelve months.

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Arrival in Australia: within 12 months after being granted the visa
From the moment that you apply for your Australia visa, it generally does not take longer than a couple of days (or, when submitting an urgent application, a few hours) until it is granted. Only after the visa is granted are you allowed to check in on flights to Australia. You are permitted to travel to Australia an unlimited number of times with a single visa, but you can only arrive in Australia during the validity period of the document; this period is twelve months, from the moment that it is granted.

Staying in Australia: maximum 3 months at a time
That the Australia visa is valid for twelve months does not mean that you are allowed to stay in the country for an entire uninterrupted year. With a single visa you can travel to Australia an unlimited number of times during this period, but each stay can only last a maximum of 3 months. If you arrive in Australia just before the 12-month validity period of the visa expires, you can still remain in the country for 3 months, even if this stay exceeds the total limit of twelve months set by your Australia visa.

Examples validity

Examples of trips that meet the requirements of the validity period:

  • From the moment that your visa has been approved, you travel to Australia three times in 12 months, with each stay lasting two months. In between you leave Australia for a few days. This is allowed, because the maximum staying limit of 3 months per visit has not been crossed and because all trips occur during the twelve months validity period of the visa.
  • You are in your home country and your visa is older than 12 months (and thus no longer valid). You want to file for a new visa to travel to Australia again. This is allowed, provided you are outside of Australia at the time of your visa application.
  • Your visa is valid for another month and you want to stay in Australia for two months. This is allowed, provided your arrival date in Australia falls within the 12-month validity date.

Expiry of the validity

The validity of the visa expires after 12 months. If you plan on arriving in Australia after that, you first have to apply for a new visa. If at the time of expiry of the validity period of twelve months you are still in Australia, you can finish your stay, up to the maximum of 3 months after you arrived in the country. Travelling into the country is allowed up until the final day of these 12 months.

Aside from expiry of the validity of the visa or reaching the maximum staying limit of 3 months per visit, there are a number of other reasons that can lead to a premature expiry of the visa:

  • The passport tied to the Australia visa expires
  • You contract tuberculosis
  • You request payment from organisations visited in Australia
  • You intend to sell goods and services to private citizens in Australia
  • You are convicted of a jail sentence of more than 12 months (cumulative, served or not)
  • You have outstanding debts with the Australian government at the time of arrival in Australia
Check the validity when re-entering

Always check the validity when re-entering
Every time you go to Australia on a holiday or a business trip and want to make use of the visa you applied for online, you have to meet all of the Australia visa requirements, as well as the rules concerning the validity period as specified on this page.

Visa expired?

Did your Australia visa expire or is it about to expire? It is not possible to extend this document. You can, however, apply for a new visa before the current one has expired. Applications can be submitted as often as you like. Take note: you are not allowed to enter Australia during the application process for the Australia visa. Are you in Australia at this time? Contact the immigration service to receive an alternative visa which meets your wishes regarding validity and duration of stay.