In order to work in Australia, you do not always need a specific work visa. For most business trips, an eVisitor visa suffices. The costs are lower, the application procedure is easier, and granting takes place faster. Check on this page whether an eVisitor suffices, or if you need a work permit or business visa for your trip to Australia.

You are going on a business trip to Australia

If the work performed falls under what the immigration services defines as a "business trip", then the eVisitor visa Australia suffices. The following works fall under a business trip:

  • Attending fairs, seminars and conferences
  • Attending introductions, meeting and negotiations
  • Attending training
  • Performing market research

If you are travelling with an eVisitor visa, you cannot receive a salary or any other type of financial reward from an Australian organisation. You can, however, still receive a salary from your employer if they are located outside of Australia. Your employer cannot be paid for the work performed by you in Australia. If that is the case, continue reading at: "You are providing services or goods in Australia". Aside from these requirements regarding the performed work, business travellers also have to keep the other visa requirements set to travelling with an eVisitor in mind.

You are providing services or goods in Australia

Even if you do not enter into employment with an Australian employer, but you or your employer receive any kind of financial compensation from an Australian organisation or consumer for the work performed by you in Australia, your trip does not qualify as a business trip. You will be providing services or goods, which is not allowed with a business visa or eVisitor visa. Depending the exact works performed and the length of stay, you can choose from a variety of alternative visas.

You are entering into employment with an Australian employer

With an eVisitor visa, it is permitted to apply for a job at a company in Australia, but before starting to actually work, a specific work visa is required. To perform work under employment of an Australia organisation, you need a work visa. Travellers performing seasonal work to afford their holiday can often make use of the Working Holiday Visa Australia. Travellers going to Australia for specialist work can apply for a temporary work visa. Furthermore, there are a number of special Australia visa for crew members of planes and ships, for persons performing research in Australia, investors, interns, or representatives of foreign governments.

The application procedure for these visas is more complex than the procedure for the eVisitor visa. Furthermore, specific work visas are generally more expensive than the eVisitor and it takes longer before the application is processed, sometimes even several months.

You are performing volunteer work in Australia

With an eVisitor visa Australia, it is, under certain circumstances, permitted to work as a volunteer in Australia. It is important to keep in mind that the main reason for travelling to Australia has to be tourism. This means that the volunteer work can only be performed as part of a holiday, and that it cannot be the main purpose of the trip. Furthermore, no work may be performed that would otherwise be done by a salaried Australian employer. Finally, it is not permitted to receive a salary or other form of financial compensation for the work performed, even if it concerns a very small amount. However, it is allowed to receive board and lodging for the work performed.

You are combining a holiday with a business trip to Australia

If the business trip meets the requirements mentioned above, and you want to combine this work with a holiday in Australia, you can make use of the eVisitor visa without question. The eVisitor visa is fit for both work in Australia that qualifies as a business trip, as well as for tourism and visiting friends and/or family. You will not need to apply for two different visa types. Each eVisitor also mentions that business activities are permitted, even if you only filled in a tourist travel purpose in the application form.

Does an eVisitor visa suffice?

Did you conclude, after reading the information above, that you do not need a specific work visa for your business trip to or work in Australia? Easily apply for an eVisitor visa Australia online through the online application form.
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