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For a trip to Egypt, a valid visa is required. The Egypt e-visa can be applied for online. To do so, travellers need to submit a copy of their passport. This passport copy needs to meet certain requirements. In this article, you can read what these requirements are and whether your passport is suitable for an online visa application for Egypt.

Which nationalities are eligible?

Before you decide to submit an application for the Egypt e-visa, it is important to consider if your nationality allows you to be eligible for this visa. In terms of nationality, travellers with the nationality of an EU country, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland meet the Egypt e-visa requirements. If they also meet all the other visa requirements, they can easily submit an application online through If you have another nationality than the ones mentioned above, you can easily check online if you can use the online application procedure for the Egypt visa.

Type of identity document

Even if you have a nationality that allows you to apply for an e-visa, it is essential to know that not all identity documents are suitable for an online application. All travellers must have a standard passport to apply for the visa online. Additionally, this passport needs to be valid for at least six more months from the date of arrival in Egypt. The type of passport you have is indicated on your passport. Visitors with an emergency passport, diplomat passport, alien document, or identity card are not eligible to apply for an Egypt visa online. Travellers with a German childrenʼs passport (Kinderreisepass) can, however, apply for an Egyptian visa online.

Travellers without a standard passport often do meet the requirements for a physical Egypt visa. In many cases, visiting an Egypt embassy or consulate is required when applying for a physical visa. Furthermore, in comparison to the e-visa, you must account for longer wait times and higher costs.

Requirements for the required passport scan

If you and your passport meet all the requirements of the Egypt visa, you can start the online application. After completing the application form and the payment, you have to supply a photograph or scan of your passport. It is critical that you submit a clear photograph or scan of your entire passport. The Egyptian immigration service can be strict in assessing the submitted passport scans.

If you submit your application through, your passport copy is assessed before your application is sent to the Egypt immigration service. This way, you can submit a new passport copy if the previously submitted scan or photograph does not meet the requirements. Keep in mind that the standard average delivery time of 11 days only starts after a good passport scan is submitted for all applicants. If a small part of the photograph is out of focus, covered (for example, with a finger), or not clearly legible, or if information is missing due to incorrect cropping of the photograph or scan, the submitted scan of your passport photograph will be rejected, and your application will be delayed.

Other requirements for the itinerary

In addition to passport requirements, when applying for an Egypt visa, you must also consider several itinerary requirements. At the time of applying for an Egypt e-visa, it is not yet necessary to have booked a flight or accommodations. You also do not need to know when you will be visiting Egypt. However, you do need to provide at least one address in the application form where you will stay during your stay in Egypt, and an expected arrival date.

Travelling to Egypt earlier or later

Once your visa is approved, you can also travel to Egypt earlier or later than the expected arrival date indicated in the application form. The Egypt visa that can be applied for online through is valid for 90 days. Your visa application will never be processed more than 30 days before the expected arrival date. This ensures that your visa does not expire before your trip to Egypt. From the moment your visa is approved, you will have 90 days to arrive in Egypt with your visa. Keep in mind that both your arrival and departure dates must fall within the validity of the visa.

Other required documents

Upon arrival in Egypt, you not only need to have a valid passport and visa, but you also need to show an itinerary if asked. This means you must be able to show reservations for all accommodations in the country as well as the return flight. In case you also make any domestic flights, you need to have a booking confirmation for these as well.

If you are not staying in a hotel, but with family or friends in Egypt, then it is not possible to show a confirmation of your hotel booking. To still be able to show you have booked accommodations in Egypt, you have to be able to hand over an invitation letter upon arrival. This letter must include the full names of all travellers in your travel party as well as the full name and address of the person you will be staying with in Egypt.

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