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Egypt‘s economy is heavily dependent on tourism. The country was therefore hit hard by the strict travel restrictions introduced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Archaeological finds, the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum and the attraction of water tourists should breathe new life into the country‘s economy.

Egypt‘s tourism is recovering after the disastrous year 2020

Tourism is an important pillar of Egypt‘s economy. More than 13 million travellers visited the country in 2019, the highest number since the uprisings surrounding the Arab Spring began in 2010. The tourism sector in 2019 accounted for almost 9% of Egypt‘s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). So the future for tourism in the country on the Nile seemed bright until the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020. This led to a collapse in the number of international travellers.

In the meantime, it is again possible for travellers from Europe and elsewhere to travel to Egypt. As a result, tourist numbers in Egypt have been rising again since 2021.. Travelers need an Egypt visa to visit the country. With an e-visa, travellers can discover the country for 30 days for a price of £54.95. The visa can be applied for easily via the online form.

New archaeological finds

In November 2020, the government of Egypt announced a major archaeological find around the necropolis of Sakkara. At least 100 sarcophagi and 40 golden statues were found in the necropolis, which is located 30 kilometres from Cairo. Tourism Minister Khaled el-Anany said that many more excavations and spectacular finds will be made at Sakkara. According to him, archaeologists have only been able to find 1% of all buried artefacts at Sakkara so far.

In 2021, another spectacular find was made in Egypt. The country‘s most renowned archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, announced that a 3000 year old city had been found close to Luxor. The city was inhabited during the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, under the pharaoh Amenhotep III. Several mud houses, ancient artefacts and tools were found during the excavations.

Construction projects in Egypt

In recent years, Egypt has invested heavily in the establishment of museums to display all archaeological finds. For example, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo was officially inaugurated in 2021. At that time, 22 mummies were transported to the new museum in a "golden procession" through the city. The museum has space for 50,000 artefacts. A museum was also opened at Cairo‘s international airport, so that travellers can admire the country‘s archaeological treasures as soon as they arrive.

The most impressive museum is currently being built in Giza. The Grand Egyptian Museum is estimated to open to the public at the end of 2022. Once completed, it will be the largest archaeological museum in the world, with space for more than 100,000 ancient artefacts. The permanent exhibition will include the entire collection of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Cairo itself is also under construction at the moment. The Ahl Masr Nile Walkway will be opened in its entirety at the beginning of 2022. This promenade on the banks of the Nile will provide space for residents and tourists to enjoy the view of the river. There will also be cafés, restaurants and even a theatre. At the end of 2022, the construction of the 120-metre high Cairo Eye will be completed. This will be the largest Ferris wheel in Africa, which will offer visitors a spectacular view of Egypt‘s capital.

Egypt wants to attract yacht owners

The government of Egypt sees the potential of the country as a destination for water tourism. The country has a coastline of more than 2,400 kilometres, with beautiful beaches, hotels and resorts close to historic sites. Due to its mild climate throughout the year, Egypt could be a popular destination for water tourists, especially during the winter months. The country‘s location on the Mediterranean Sea offers ample opportunities to attract wealthy yacht owners, who nowadays mainly dock in countries such as France, Italy or Spain. To promote this type of tourism, Egypt will invest in the construction of marinas, floating fuel stations and port administration in the coming years.

Planning your trip to Egypt

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