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Although tourism is an important source of income and employment in Egypt, its strong development has sometimes negative effects on the environment and the local communities of the country. Pollution, inequitable access to water or exclusive land use, which evicts local people from their homes, are some of the problems that irresponsible tourism has provoked in Egypt. In this article, you will find some tips to travel sustainable to Egypt, including how to compensate for the CO₂ of your flight when applying for your Egypt visa.

Egypt endeauvours to establish sustainable tourism

Egypt is the oldest touristic destination on the planet. Until recently, little attention was paid to the environmental impact of the millions of tourist who visit the country every year. Luckily, this is changing little by little. The Egyptian government has taken a series of initiatives to establish sustainable tourism practices. However, much can also be done on an individual level. As tourists, we can all contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of Egypt’s local culture so that future generations can also admire the country’s mythical landmarks. Here are a few tips about what you can do to travel to Egypt sustainably.

Tips to travel to Egypt in a sustainable way

  • Cruise the Nile on a felucca. Nile cruises are very popular, but they cause a lot of pollution. An alternative to this is exploring the river by sailing on a felucca, a small traditional wooden sailboat able to fit up to 10 passengers. You can visit various temples along the way, and the best thing about them is that they are often run by local people.
  • Visit the Bedouin. The Beduin are a nomadic tribe living in the dessert. Thanks to the increasing popularity of ecotourism, many tribes welcome tourists in their tents and show them their unique traditions and way of life. You can sit with them for a few hours, share some food and learn a little bit more about their culture.
  • Sustainable scuba-dive in the Red Sea. The Red Sea, one of the best scuba-diving sites in the world, is renowned for its has unique marine ecosystems. However, irresponsible tourism has provoked pollution, loss of coral reefs as well as disturbance of marine life. Luckily, in the last few years, sustainable tourism initiatives are being put into place, so travellers can access the Red Sea’s natural beauty while preserving its ecosystem at the same time. Book your visit to the Red Sea with an eco-friendly agency, so you will contribute to the preservation of this wonderful site.

Compensate for CO2 when applying for your Egypt visa

If you apply for your visa on you will be offered the option to compensate for your flight’s CO₂ emissions. This option will be offered just before paying for your Egypt visa. Of course, this money will be exclusively used for buying carbon credits, as does not profit from this purchase.

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