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The Egyptian Home Office has warned of websites that are selling e-visas for substantially higher prices. Some providers charge more than two times the actual cost of the visa.

Possibility for e-visa Egypt exploited

Since December, it has become possible for tourists and visitors to Egypt to order their visa online, from the comfort of their chair. Before that, a visit to the embassy was required. The idea behind this system is that it should make Egypt more attractive to visitors.

This possibility is now being exploited, according to a statement from the Egyptian Home Office. That’s why the government advises people to closely watch where they order their e-visa. This is a safe site to arrange an e-visa for Egypt, as we offer various fail-safes and legal guarantees you won't find on predatory websites.

Easier travelling

The purpose of an e-visa is to make travelling to Egypt easier, according to the official website of the Egyptian e-visa. The online visa program doesn’t just quicken the process of applying for a visa, but it also improves the system of the immigration service and border control.

Nowadays, applicants from some 41 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Canada can apply for this online visa. The visa is then sent by e-mail. An applicant must have the nationality of the country from which they are submitting the application.

Mandatory Egypt visa

Are you going to Egypt in 2024 or 2025? Then a visa is mandatory. This applies to all travellers with the British nationality. This includes children travelling along, who each need to possess their own passport. If you don’t have a valid visa heeft, you won’t be allowed to enter the country.

An e-visa is an official travel permit from the Egyptian immigration service. Beware when choosing your visa that you choose the right travel purpose. There are different types of visas; for travellers going on a holiday, for business people, or for travellers that want to work or emigrate to Egypt. Travellers going to Egypt for their holiday can apply for an Egypt visa online. If you are going to Egypt for a different travel purpose, you first need to visit the Egyptian embassy.

For an online visa, a number of requirements apply. The applicant must possess a regular passport. An emergency passport or residency document is not enough. The passport must also be valid for at least eight more months after arrival in Egypt. If you are visiting family or friends, you need to bring a letter of invitation. Furthermore, a travel schedule must be provided containing your booked flights and hotels. Keep this with your visa and passport in your hand luggage. If you are travelling as a group, it is mandatory to submit a group application.

A tourist visa is only valid for 90 days, of which the traveller can stay in Egypt for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. Only with a so-called multiple entry visa can an unlimited number of trips to Egypt be made, but even then the maximum length of stay remains 30 days.

Applying for an Egypt visa can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through this website. The cost of this is £54.95 for a single entry and £89.90 for a multiple entry. It is advised to submit an application at least seven days before departure. Although the approval procedure of the visa is digital, it can take several days for the visa to be approved or rejected.

Need a visa more quickly? Then you can use the urgent procedure. Unfortunately, no guarantees can be provided regarding delivery times for urgent procedures. In general, urgent visas are granted within two days.

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